A Solution for Toyota’s Recall Problems: Stop Making Cars

Toyota Motor Corp. will recall more than 600,000 cars in Japan spanning 13 models, including the Crown, Mark X, Lexus IS and GS… after Toyota earlier Thursday announced a voluntary safety recall involving about 740,000 Avalon, Highlander and Lexus RX, GS, IS vehicles sold in the United States over possible leakage of brake fluid from the brake master cylinder.

OK, Toyota, that about does it. I am fed up with your recalls – I read about your issues at least once a month. I pity you, and for this reason, I consulted with my team of scientists, mediums, mentalists and the like, and I found a solution: stop makin’ them! I say!

You know, I am a sheep (obviously), but for the love of any higher power you quadrupeds can think of, I cannot understand why anyone still buys your vehicles. This August you recalled 1.3 million Corollas in US and Canada; In July you recalled 270,000 Crowns and your stocks dropped significantly and the list could go on and on. There were talks about you peeps trying to rebuild your brand, and your PR machine (which doesn’t have flaws I can think of), got rolling.

That dude could play Hamlet and he’d still look more credible than your statement that Toyota is providing customers with safe and reliable vehicles. Please explain for the sheep, how did you manage to produce over 500,000 automobiles with defects in fuel pump wires and brake master cylinders? What happened to those mechanics in charge? Were they asleep? Or did you hire actors, to pretend that they are testing instead of true professionals? Don’t you people get it? Without good employees your whole business is going down. It’s like in a sheep pack (yes, pack – we are predators) – without a good leader this is what happens:

sheep falling off cliff - cartoon

PR firms for Toyota have included Golin-Harris, Glover Park Group & Shift Communications.

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