Tiger Woods in the News Victim of Fame Says TMZ and Michael Sitrick

Michael Sitrick Tiger Woods

The news today has nothing to do with Tiger Woods, except that he is mixed in the soup by association. TMZ just sent us a report concerning the company that manages the quadruped, and the famous Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. IMG is being sued by a printing company, which allegedly served as a gambling go-between and even provided escorts for the owner of IMG, Theodore Forstmann.

TMZ obtained exclusive information from an L.A. County Superior Court that Agate Printing, Inc. claims it made millions of dollars in bets on Forstmann’s behalf, and that Forstmann covered some of his losses on IMG accounts. The scandal goes deeper: Forstmann made bets against his own clients, Tiger included. Smart man, smart man! I’d bet against the Tiger too. Heck, any sane sheep would do the same, and even more: run and hide. So while this sheep agrees with the betting proposition, the other claims are beyond disturbing. You don’t call a tiger “schwartzas!” It could hunt you in your sleep. Apparently Forstmann used other derogatory epithets against sheep, “blacks, Jewish people, and other minorities.” What a bad man! He never considered that the ones he mocked had contacts with the big bad wolf – James Agate ‘s the name!

Can you believe the big bad wolf? Michael Sitrick says no, and you’ll find why from TMZ.

The story above is an old school PR lesson, used by many agencies today. Let’s say an agency has never been published on CNN, but it was mentioned on their Twitter feed by association. Next, you’ll see an announcement on their website’s front page: as seen on CNN. The same recipe is used by skilled journalists as well. This is not a trial against Tiger Woods, but the titles will print Report: Tiger’s manager sued for betting… And why not? Would you read a story titled Forstmann Sued for Betting? No. Your natural reaction would be: Who on Earth is Forstmann? Sheepy out.

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