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Power to the people, my beloved quadrupeds. From all the strange things I was blessed to report upon, this one takes the cake. Elizabeth Robinson, founder of a company with a very resonant name – VolumePR – has decided to explore new pastures. But instead of running to peaceful fields, the PR virtuoso decided on marijuana crops. In the true spirit of modern PR and communications, she opened a Grow Room (Communications) where she tenders to companies in the field of medical marijuana.

Marijuana and the softer side of PR

Grow Room is a subsidiary of VolumePR, with only three employees, two of which are MMJ patients. The company was, naturally, established to change perceptions (and misconceptions) about cannabis, and although this sheep doesn’t doubt the good intentions, I still cannot help raising an eyebrow (and note, I don’t have any). Was the tam-tam really necessary? Was it really necessary to open a new company dedicated to marijuana 100%? And when are the heavy ones following suit? Imagine: Edelman’s own grow room, followed by APCO (although somehow I believe these fine people already grow stuff in secret locations).

So we learn from the news that Grow Room, despite its new age and small size, has already attracted big names like Greenway University. Founder Elizabeth Robinson said that potential clients go beyond just the ubiquitous dispensaries; she cites wellness centers, those with emerging products and services, attorneys, bankers and purveyors of “Cheech and Chong” DVDs – BizJournals reported.

Sources who prefer to remain unnamed told the sheep that the company will also represent Steve Martin, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and a few other soft-core marijuana aficionados. Grow Room Communications, one of our sources says, will start a campaign promoting marijuana in Universities as well. The company will open an online store to provide low cost quality pot to families with low budgets. Sheep will not be allowed to purchase, we learn. Future plans include leaflets for kindergarten use, free samples and mass distribution through Walmart stores across the nation.

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