How to get a Public Relations Internship

PR Intern

Getting your foot in the door and setting the ground work to achieve a position in public relations, typically requires time spent in an internship. Communication students, marketing professionals and individuals passionate about writing and media will be excellent candidates for a PR internship and be able to successfully immerse themselves into the industry by being ready, staying ahead of the competition and following these tips and recommendations for landing a worthwhile internship.

How To Get an Internship in Public Relations

Identifying companies that you would like to work for is a great place to start. Once you’ve established a list of prospective employers, it will then be clear on how to tailor your resume to highlight experience and skills that relate to each organization, specifically. Since writing is a major area of the public relations field, an error-free resume is crucial for gaining an internship. Networking online is another excellent strategy for staying up to date on internship opportunities and for companies to review your electronic qualifications in the event they are actively recruiting for such positions. 

Communication is Key

Refining the balance between assertiveness and interest while recognizing professional boundaries is a must-have skill for those interested in a PR internship. Being open to meeting people is as essential as having good communication skills however, in addition to being professional and kind, it will be imperative to make the most of the time and opportunities given to you by busy HR professionals, recruiters and talent managers.

Preparation, Portfolio and Perseverance

Once you’ve successfully set up an interview, good preparation must follow. To conquer the competition during an interview, you should have several intelligent, thoughtful questions prepared, have completed extensive research on the organization and their clients, know who is interviewing you and their professional profiles and be certain to follow up with personalized e-mails following the meeting. Also, intern candidates should always bring a portfolio with samples of their best work. Above all else, possessing the quality of perseverance is necessary, as firms will take their time in selecting the best interns.

A public relations internship is an invaluable experience that allows professionals to effectively refine their PR skills, enhance their communication style and to develop into a professional under the mentor-ship of a firm and its reputable team. The industries of public relations, marketing, communications and journalism are comparably great outlets for building a resume, creating a network and gaining valuable on-the-job experience.

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