PR and Personal Nightmare for John Travolta

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He is another celebrity hit by the curse of the stars: the infamous “sex scandal” seems to affect any known superstar sooner or later, and it’s not a matter of gender. Female and male celebrities are easy targets: they beg for privacy, they try to live a “normal” life and they are refused the privilege. John Travolta is the latest “victim” in the hunt for sensational, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

The “talented” and “morally vertical” people at National Enquirer decided to stir the media with news about John Travolta alleged infidelities. The star has been in the news for similar claims in the past, but this time, the tabloid media goes too far. Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston is expecting a baby, and stress is the last thing she should have in her life right now. But consideration and human decency are not Enquirer’s attributes. The problem is that this particular publication had a few stories in the past that proved accurate, and Perez Hilton doesn’t shy to add some extra straws to the fire:


But hasn’t she known for years that her husband probably has “lovers?” Especially of the male variety!

Personally, I don’t believe the story to be true – I believe that National Enquirer had a bad news day and re-iterated already-known rumors, adding some spice to the piece to entice the readers beg for more. We have a “secret gay spa” and a “source” who claims that John Travolta will make Tiger Woods look like a boy scout (which I doubt it is even possible).

But whether it is true or not, the story could become a PR nightmare for the star – since it is already a personal one. No matter how much Kelly trusts her husband, such titles are disturbing, and deeply upsetting for a pregnant lady. If the story is true, National Enquirer should have waited with breaking the news. If the story is not true, no matter what Travolta does or says in his defense, there will always be ways to turn his words against him.

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