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jojo gallery

Jojo Gallery just opened a new location in Soho, in the heart of NYC at 456 West Broadway. The original Jojo Gallery is in Tel Aviv, where they’ve been operating for 10 years. The name stems from the Jojo (Yosef Ohayon), the artist and owner, who uses a water pressure technique (called water pressure inflation) that he first learned and applied while he was a farmer. His creations are individual and unique, the style is now an accepted technique, and Jojo is considered its inventor. Though Jojo farmed for 20 years or so, he was also exposed to art from an early age with both his father and brother being painters and sculptors.

His pieces are an interesting fusion of brightly colored modern western with old-world eastern. His art includes metal sculptures, canvas paintings, furniture, and wall ornaments. In the Soho location, Jojo’s daughter and son are in charge of day-to-day efforts. But if you want to buy one of his works, his art, and other offerings can be found through many galleries around the world in locations such as the US, China, Australia, Europe, and Israel.

Fans and critics say his paintings reflect “spontaneity, warmth, and passion.” He creates these paintings quickly using bottles with one end having a tiny hole that allows him to create uniform patterns with the paint over large canvases. The bottles might be a liter-sized bottle previous holding water, or slightly larger. His paintings often portray nature, flowers, and women. All his pieces are created near the Dead Sea in Israel where he takes inspiration from the feelings of awe and serenity he gets there.

The metal furniture comes in options such as a dining room set, coffee tables, benches, and chairs (with or without arms), and have been curved through the use of water pressure, making them – as some have said – surprisingly comfortable. The furniture is just as colorful as his canvas paintings. When making the furniture, he might have welded areas, but once the construction of the piece is complete, he often covers the metal in semi-transparent colored paint creating a high-gloss look. The colors of the furniture can be silver, red, orange, yellow, aqua, cobalt, and more. Some of the pieces also mix in exotic woods with the metals. As Jojo says, colors set you free.

Jojo really likes making pieces that are customized to a patron’s requirements. But there are also small knick-knacks to be found, so you might find something perfect for your home, even if your budget isn’t top dollar. If you see something he’s made already, but you want a different size – everything is customizable!

Want to look at examples of what he offers? Check it out on Facebook or on the gallery website.

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