Jonathan Greenhill of CIA For Sheikh Suleiman & Goldin Solutions For Russia

ciaAccording to Linkedin, Jonathan Greenhill is a former “Senior Operations Officer, National Clandestine Service at Central Intelligence Agency” – sounds pretty serious, huh?  New FARA filings indicate that Greenhill has now been hired to lobby for Sheikh Ali Hatem al-Suleirman.

Suleirman has been quoted by the Huffington Post as saying “The United States has empowered a bunch of crooks here in Iraq, people who used to live abroad in five-star hotels, while we were here suffering under Saddam. It was the United States that toppled Saddam, but these politicians took advantage of the confusion, they came aboard American tanks and claimed that they were the ones who defeated Saddam.”

According to his Wikipedia page, Suleiman “claims that ISIS only constitutes 5-7% of the anti-government forces. He claims that the majority of fighters are from Iraq’s Sunni tribes.”

Another recent filing, for Goldin Solutions Inc reveals that the company has been hired for a $30,000 monthly retainer to do traditional media relations outreach for RDIF Management – The Russian Direct Investment Fund, a company owned by the Russian government to encourage investments in Russia.

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