The purpose of this RFP is to select a firm or consortium, as a result of proposals submitted, to allow JVWCD (and CUWCD, WBWCD, and WCWCD) to enter into a contract with that firm or consortium to provide strategic communications and legislative counsel services to the Districts. 


The Districts were organized in the 1950s and 1960s under the provisions of the Utah Water Conservancy District Act (“the Act”). Pursuant to the provisions of the Act and the Limited Purpose Local Government Entities – Local Districts Act in the Utah code, the Districts are authorized, among other things, to acquire, own, and operate water systems, borrow money, issue bonds, and levy taxes. Their statutory powers also include acquiring, owning and selling water rights, making trans basin diversions of water, and contracting for water deliveries to public and private agencies.

Scope of Work:

The Districts desire to retain the services of a firm or a consortium of firms to provide strategic communications and legislative counsel services. The firm or consortium of firms will be referred to as “the Team.” If the proposal is from a consortium of firms, the consortium must have close working relationships to provide seamless services to the Districts. The scope of work and services must include the following categories and individuals:


The leader of the Team shall be the Chief Legislative Legal Counsel. This person should be an experienced Utah attorney, with experience in legal services affecting the Districts and state legislative advocacy or lobbying or representation. The Chief Legislative Legal Counsel will be the leader of the Team, provide guidance to the Team, provide combined invoicing to the Districts, and distribute payments from the Districts to the Team members. The Chief Legislative Legal Counsel shall also schedule and coordinate at least monthly meetings among the four general managers (the General Managers) of the Districts and the Team, with weekly meetings scheduled during each general legislative session.


Member(s) of the Team shall provide strategic communications services. These will include a strategic plan for communications and involvement of the Districts annually, recommendation and planning of key events to be held by the Districts, and other strategic communications advisory services.


This Team member(s) shall provide advisory services from senior, experienced personnel. These strategic political advisory member(s) shall coordinate with the strategic communications members of the Team.


The Chief Legislative Legal Counsel shall contract with an appropriately sized group of legislative communications Team members. These Team members must have substantial experience in legislative lobbying among Utah legislators. The legislative communications Team members shall actively represent the interests of the Districts, as they are developed in monthly and weekly meetings and during other communications among the Team members. The legislative communications team members must have proven success and display recognized credibility and reputation with Utah legislators.


The Chief Legislative Legal Counsel shall coordinate and schedule at least monthly meetings among the four General Managers, their key staff, and the Team members. In addition, weekly meetings shall be held during each legislative general session. Under the direction of the Chief Legislative Legal Counsel, a Team member shall work with the Prepare60 Chair in developing an agenda for each meeting. The Team members or the General Managers shall plan other meetings with community leaders, legislators, other elected officials, and news media, from time to time as decided by the General Managers and the Team.

Due Date:

October 7, 2019


Richard Bay, General Manager

and Beverly Parry, Executive Assistant

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District

8215 South 1300 West

West Jordan, UT 84088

Telephone: (801) 565-4300

Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Shift Communications.

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