Karbo Communications: Company Profile

Karbo Communications is a full-service digital PR and communications firm which was founded in 2014 and is located in San Francisco. The firm knows how to create a path to success for its clients by driving results for them every single day.

The on-board team at Karbo Communications has worked in the industry for many years, however, each member still keeps up with the latest trends, tools, and technologies. The team has managed to bring in technologies like the cloud, enterprise networking, social networking, apps, gaming along with wearable technologies.

This is a firm whose main goal is to help its clients win, by positioning the client in a way that’s going to make all of their competitors try to imitate. With Karbo Communications, clients will receive a lot of care, dedication, and passion for their campaigns.

The firm provides a wide array of digital PR and communications services to its clients, such as media/analyst relations, which include media coverage and business, trade, and broadcast PR. Additionally, Karbo Communications also offers company, service as well as product launches, pre-emptive and opportunistic efforts where the firm can insert its clients into the industry dialog; blogger, and influencer campaigns as well as speaking and media training.

Aside from the digital PR and communications services, Karbo Communications has its own Content Studio, which offers a full suite of creative services.

They include branding services, where the firm works with companies so that the clients can define a clear perspective while also interpret that perspective into a coherent identity that will drive brand recognition and bring meaning with every brand interaction; social media services, from creating strategies and planning content to full-service account management to build relationships with audiences; writing services that range from clever copy to technical writing with writers that can deliver language which inspires action and connects brands with audiences; design services to help technology companies in visualizing their complex concepts and provide attractive branded graphics; and finally, photo and video services where the Content Studio creates original visual narratives for clients to be able to effectively communicate their solutions to their customers along with the people behind those solutions.

Karbo Communications was founded by Julie A. Karbo, who has over three decades of experience in the technology industry. She has worked with executives in many technology areas, providing her strategic marketing and communications experience. This has led her to work on a number of different ventures, including the Internet of Things, Big Data, enterprise software, advertising technology, e-Commerce, security, social networking, internet television as well as consumer electronics.

Karbo Communications has worked with many established brands and corporations since its conception, including Penguin Computing, TIBCO, Subtext, Hootsuite, TDK, eBay Advertising, Oracle, Digg, and many others. This is the perfect full-service digital PR and communications firm for any brand or corporation that’s looking to make an impact with their target audience and wants to work with a team of passionate PR experts.

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