Kartz Media & PR: Company Profile

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Kartz Media & PR is a content marketing and strategy public relations agency, to support its clients by utilizing the media’s power. Through creating high-quality content supported by influential ideas, this is an agency that’s committed to discovering new values from its clients’ stories – both by improving them and spreading them around the world.

The agency provides multiple services for its clients, such as strategic public relations, for clients looking for round table events, where the agency arranges round table events for clients looking to gain a better understanding of their engagement with their target audiences by having teams from different departments discuss and find solutions to various company issues. With the social media content department, the agency can promote a business to international communities. 

Kartz Media & PR can help brands and corporations break into overseas markets by distributing attractive press releases to relevant media outlets and journalists. At the same time, with the media relationships department, companies can raise brand awareness and attract more investors to their products throughout Japan.

The agency also provides clients with digital marketing services that involve SEM and SEO services by improving a client’s search engine ranking, website structure, and website traffic; SNS and community management to drive actionable engagement with the client’s target audience and build a branding strategy; content marketing for strategic solutions created with problem-solving tools and creative minds that can expand a company’s customer base; and data analytics, which is one of the most important services for any business looking to understand what the target consumer base wants and needs.

Kartz Media & PR also offers creative services, such as infographics and data visualization, creative and informative videos, white papers, or slides that can convince any audience and increase engagement, or prints and leaflets for delivering important information effectively and efficiently.

Finally, the agency also has event services for its clients, for any brand or corporation that needs a press conference to share a story with an audience and get its voice heard – whether that’s a launch or mitigating a crisis; key opinion leader events for businesses that are looking to build trust with both clients and influencers as well as increase brand awareness; networking parties that help spread the word of a company’s products or services and get to know customers on a more personal basis while also adding more value to the company; and press tours for businesses looking to raise brand awareness with a bigger audience by utilizing the power of media outlets.

All of these services from Kartz Media & PR have been utilized by plenty of notable brands and corporations throughout the world, such as Razer, AWS, Tripadvisor, Wacom, LinkedIn, Alibaba Cloud, Ayana, Discovery Los Angeles, AMR Clinical Reference Center, Bunkyo Gakuin University, Beauty U, Tableau, PowerVision, and many others.

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