Koaky Becomes Keeko


Keeko is a free social media sharing online platform.

Free social media sharing tool Koaky has been recently re-branded as Keeko, in Clicking Labs’ latest effort to pursue a successful marketing strategy in the future.

Koaky has been launched late 2011, and the decision to rebrand is based on user surveys, according to that company’s Managing Director JP Bisson:

According to the surveys we’ve conducted, a majority of our users preferred Keeko opposed to Koaky, for the name is easier to remember. To establish ‘quick recall’ for the brand, our company made the collective decision for the rebranding.

Keeko serves as a free social media sharing platform supporting Facebook, Facebook Share, Twitter, Retweet, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. The purpose of Keeko is “to help struggling start-up companies gather online exposure, social proof and credibility.” It’s a closed system, where users must first request for an invite and confirm their accounts. Only approved members can participate in Keeko’s mutual sharing system – a scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours approach to social media sharing, based however not on requests for likes, votes and retweets, but on a point system that earns free fans, followers and likes for each user.

To earn points, each user has to like, tweet, follow and share at her own turn. There are already over 14,000 active users on Keeko, according to a counter visible on the company’s landing page. It’s also important to know that Keeko does not sell points, however users may sell points to other users.

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