Kenya Hires Gina Din Corporation to Boost Police Public Perception

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From all the state institutions in desperate need of PR, the police is probable the most critical. Kenya sees things clearly, and the country has already hired a PR agency, Gina Din Corporation, to help boost the public image of the local police.

Internal Security Minister George Saitoti said the company will be paid Sh6.42 million yearly for the work, The Standard reported. According to the same publication, the agency will also communicate with the public the progress on the ongoing reforms and mobilize community participation in police reforms.

The hiring of a PR company is one of the many reforms planned for the local police. Other plans include implementing community policing programme, training, and capacity building, operationalization of the independent policing oversight authority, operations of Police Service Commission, and monitoring and evaluation of reforms. The minister asked for help to raise Sh81.4 billion to implement the proposed reforms:

“Whereas the Government shoulders this huge responsibility, we would like to invite development partners and friends to work with us particularly in implementation of software programmes in curriculum development and strengthening internal accountability mechanisms,”

We recommend, as part of these on-going efforts, at least an update of the current Kenya Police official website.

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