Kim K Goes Back to What Made Her Famous

Kim K goes back to what made her famous

As a fashion statement, nudity has a long somewhat maligned history. It’s become cliche for celebs whose stars have dimmed a bit to bare a bit more in order to get back into the national conversation. But, in some cases, fame came because of showing some skin. In that case, maybe giving the audience a little bit of what they love you for is more of a throwback than a Hail Mary.

Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian

First, she tried silver paint, and that blast lasted a little while. Then it was an oily pinup session with a wine glass for Paper. Recently, Kim paired lingerie with denim in an homage to mid-80s Madonna. Those shots created a brief online battle about “who wore it better” but even that uproar died as quickly as it formed. So, absent some sort of relational scandal to get her name back in the headlines, what could Kim K do to get attention?

Volunteer for a charity? Help out at her kids’ school? Help the homeless, hungry or downtrodden? Visit a hospital? Maybe, sure, but not today. You know how it goes when you’re Kim. When it doubt, take it off and snap a pic. Or, better yet, let other people do it for you.

Kim went with the latter, donning a see-through mesh top, nothing underneath and strolling around waiting for the public to, um, notice. And, of course, they did.

When the pics hit the ‘net, Kim was ready, “replying” to the hubbub by announcing the perfectly obvious. She “don’t GAF (LOL).” She loves sheer, apparently. And she loves flashing her high beams for all to see. Because she knows people will look. Then they will talk, just as we are talking now.

It’s a lesson in marketing and PR relative to … pretty much anything. When you know what excites your customer base, Give Them What They Want. Even if you have moved on, a bit of a throwback never hurt anyone.

If anyone is learning that lesson from Kim, her sister’s certainly are. Kendall was seen out in a similar “look” showing the world her nipple ring in an outfit that was sure to grab the paparazzi’s attention. It did, and the pic even made it to Fox News via ET.

So, there they were both sisters sharing ink and headlines in two different articles on two different days. From a PR perspective, not a bad result for such a simple gimmick.

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