Kyoo Business Social Media Aggregation Platform Launched

Kyoo Business Social Media

Every day sees another social media monitoring platform launching on the market, and most remain pricey and inaccessible for boutique companies. At $349 per month Kyoo Business may seem affordable, but in fact, it is priced close to some of the most popular, and reliable, social media monitoring resources known on the market.

As visually striking as Kyoo Business may be the minute you land on their site, the tool offered has a few other unique features that recommend it. A social media aggregator at heart, Kyoo counts a lot on visuals and aesthetics. The platform displays the online buzz surrounding a specific topic – from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google News and social bookmarking websites – on one single page.

The content visualization is designed to be both public or for internal use, depending on your preferences. The platform allows site administrators to manage and moderate the content from their Kyoo accounts. Additionally, administrators can track data, and visualize at-a-glance statistics and reports on the public-facing activity, including the reach of the topic or event.

Who Uses Kyoo Business?

Anyone who wants a social media monitoring platform that provides an interactive content display module that can be deployed on a site. This is where the main value of Kyoo Business transpires. Kyoo Business can be fully integrated into existing brands, is fully customizable, and it is easy to embed into an existing website. Site administrators can directly impact what is shown on the front-facing page, and visitors are offered relevant, targeted content.

Companies, personalities, event holders and content providers seeking a way to leverage the power of social media can use this platform as a way to keep fresh, focused information on their websites. An example of Kyoo powered site is SocialSlam, with screenshot below:

Kyoo Business Social Media Aggregation

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