Lead Generation Using a Public Relations Campaign

Public relations isn’t just used for a brand’s reputation management, awareness, and publicity anymore. With the evolution of the industry, PR has become an excellent tool for lead generation that can work alongside business development and paid ads.

Thought Leadership

When a business leader offers their opinions or expertise on a certain industry topic, either through a blog post or a bylined article in a key media outlet, this type of content gets the company a lot of visibility and positions it as a leader in the market. Furthermore, if the content also includes links that lead back to the company itself, it’s a tool that can boost the company’s ranking in search engine results.

As all PR content is optimized for SEO, it includes relevant keywords and inbound links, and the content can be used as even further promotional material for the brand when it gets shared on social media platforms. With this type of effectiveness from a single piece of content, companies are able to maximize the impact of all their media placements to improve their SEO rankings that will encourage more website traffic.

Earned Media

When a brand is mentioned by relevant media outlets without paying for the service, the brand’s business development gets a boost. Reviews and features from magazines and newspapers provide brands with more credibility, which can get the customers closer towards the end of their buying journeys.

Additionally, mentions in these types of outlets both build credibility, and brand awareness and they’re also a great way for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors, which, at the end of the day, serve as reinforcement for lead generation.


Brand-hosted events, such as discussion panels or conferences are another way that companies can generate leads both through in-person attendance as well as digital traffic. When key experts, media people, and prospective customers are all interested in an event and attend it, that event is going to be promoted no only through the company’s own social media profiles, but through the attendees as well.

This way, the brand can get even more marketing and PR content, such as video content, blog posts, social media posts, and media coverage, which can then be used to further promote the company and its products or services.


One of the best ways that companies are able to get even more customers is by utilizing the existing customer base, as these are the best people that are able to sell to others. Through customer reviews that satisfied customers are more than happy to share, companies are able to promote the positive experiences that consumers have on the company’s website, on social media channels, or in blog posts, so the company can reach even more people.

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