Lebron James’ and his Brilliant Public Relations Strategy

Lebron james everything-pr

Lebron James a public relations genius? Many already dubbing him King of PR in the NBA.

Others call him a flop. The dynamics of a PR campaign will put any name, face or company through a roller coaster of ups and downs in potential sentiments held by the public. It’s no surprise that we find an array of views regarding this athlete now enjoying the limelight. Not everyone feels the same about people and the stories they hear.

Lebron James has scaled his PR mountain so that the “Lebron stock” continues to rise like this athlete’s historic stats in the NBA. This momentum isn’t slowing down either. He’s one of the greatest basketball players this world has ever seen. The truth regarding his Publicity & marketing: the success comes from specialists having given him a hand. …or two in a career of pure stardom. Nonetheless, back in 2010, the NBA player was persecuted for having the clout to call shots regarding his next team destination as an elite athlete. As was to be expected, not everyone seemed happy.

Needless to say, Lebron’s rise in sports publicity substantiation came at a price. While many thought his position to choose his next team to be undeserving, others say it was a genius move on Lebron’s end and a step into a new era for basketball and sports in whole. The simple chatter alone, regarding this sports star, brought more attention to the basketball arena then the sport had received since Michael Jordan left the game.

It seems bad publicity just doesn’t exist for him. Lebron James donates huge sums to the Boys & Girls Club of America. He was considered one of the best players with no NBA title to his name. The fact that he was native to Ohio and then played professionally for them, his home state, does a great deal in portraying a sort of rags-to-riches theme for the star ballplayer.

The X and Y generations love those kind of stories and are encouraged by the potential such tales offer for their own potential. We can also look at the endorsements Mr. James has had throughout his career and see how his theme of success flourishes. In fact, he leads the NBA in endorsements already for the year 2015 with over $43 million from Nike alone.

The best aspect of these resources is he’s branded by the very companies he endorses that include: Nike, Samsung, Upper Deck and Beats by Dre to name a few.

His fans are connected by a unified effort to brand Lebron too. And as long as his performance speaks loud and boldly, that connection will remain strong and healthy. This is a PR dream and an effort worth giving.


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