1,500 US Dollars for a Link in the Tablet Version of Better Homes and Gardens

Tablets are indeed the latest trend of the moment – along with smartphones – and it seems that publishers are finding ways to monetize their editions available on these gadgets. To open up the way for ad revenues for tablet edition, a link in an article published by Better Homes and Gardens will cost 1,500 US dollars.

The amount was mentioned by Meredith Corp., which publishes the magazines, mentioning the price reflects the production costs. I’m sure there is a profit in there somewhere as well – I mean, that’s a businesses’ purpose, to make money!

“Most clients have been taking a wait-and-see attitude with the tablet, waiting for scale and more metrics,” a buyer stated. “There seems to still be a lack of both. This is not going to win them any friends.”

“Meredith has made a significant investment in our Enhanced for Tablet editions, providing consumers with expanded content, interactive features and a dynamic user experience,” a spokesman mentioned in a statement. “This fall, print advertisers will now be offered an opportunity to appear in the EFT editions of Parents, Better Homes and Gardens and Fitness at no cost. If an advertiser’s creative includes a URL and it is their preference to make that link ‘live,’ there will be a $1,500 production charge. This cost is a minimal production fee associated with the current production process it takes to enhance an advertiser’s creative.

It is only natural that a publisher would want to make money from any version of its publications. The price however could be considered a little bit high – for a single link. Advertising offers will have to include clear data on the number of users and, most important, the click rate should be one that will justify any purchase of a linkable word or words in an article, in Better Homes and Gardens or any other publication available on tablets. I’m actually curious to see how many advertisers will buy such links in this magazine and in others, on tablets or other mobile versions.

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