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The District is seeking proposals from qualified Advertising Agencies/Media Planners for providing professional advertising services utilizing a media mix of outdoor, television, video, radio, print, direct mail, grassroots initiatives, web design, social media, etc., and oversee the marketing efforts on behalf of (LTC). The objectives are:

1. Increase awareness of LTC’s workforce brand and continuing education programs, courses and activities for youth and adults.

2. Increase awareness of LTC’s educational opportunities through dual enrollment at the high school level.

3. Establish LTC as the leading institution of career, technical and continuing education in the region.

4. Increase credibility with prospective students/participants/partners.

5. Promote the array of high quality programs, courses and activities at a low cost.

6. Reach all segments of the community through a variety of print, broadcast, radio, web and social media.


The Leon County School Board (LCSB) provides a standard, traditional curriculum to a student body of approximately 33,000 students ranging from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. LCSB also provides adult education at a variety of facilities during regular and non-school hours. In addition to the standard curriculum, LCSB offers a variety of specialized technical training programs for the higher-grade levels. LCSB operates 48 schools, including elementary (K-5), combination (K-8), middle schools, high schools and a technical college. The District and its governing board were created pursuant to Section 4. Article IX of the Constitution of the State of Florida. The District is an independent taxing and reporting entity managed, controlled, operated, administered, and supervised by District school officials in accordance with relevant provisions of the Florida K-20 Education Code, Chapters 1000 – 1013, Florida Statutes. The School Board consists of five elected officials responsible for the adoption of policies, which govern the operation of District public schools. The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for the administration and management of the schools within the applicable parameters of state laws, State Board of Education Rules and School Board policies. Lively Technical College (LTC)provides training designed to prepare a student for immediate employment in a specific career field. Training is hands-on and utilizes the most up-to-date, industry-approved equipment. Instructors are experts in their fields and ensure that training focuses on real-world applications. Classes Include (but are not limited to): Adult General Education, Automotive, Aviation, Culinary, Barbering, Building Trades, CDL Driving, Cosmetology, HVAC, Medical, Technology and Welding.

Scope of Work:

1. Develop all LTC print, broadcast, radio, web, social and mobile app creative design.

2. Concept creation, design, development, placement, administration and reporting

3. Retargeting ads each month.

4. Develop and implement a tracking system to validate the effectiveness of each marketing flight

5. Act as the LTC Agency of Record for negotiating media buys

6. Attend meetings with LTC Administration as requested and provide input for decision making

7. Provide recommendation and support regarding incorporating advertising within broader marketing and public relation campaigns.

8. Website hosting and management (changes & updates)

a. Website design

b. Secure website hosting

c. Security Check Ups and Daily Backups

d. Secure Socket layer (SSL) Certificate daily website back ups

e. Weekly website plug in checkup

f. Website updates, changes and additions upon request (unlimited with no more than a 48 hour turn around)

9. Social media management, support, analytics and strategy for: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and any other platforms that become relevant.*

a. Weekly internal strategy sessions about the upcoming weeks posts and analysis of previous weeks post reach

b. Copy writing for future posts

c. Graphic design for future post

d. Videography for future posts

e. Animation for future posts

f. Administrative reviewing of posts for quality control

g. Scheduling of posts on Facebook

h. Scheduling of posts on LinkedIn

i. Scheduling of posts on Instagram *Minimum of 3 social media posts per week (per platform)

10. Graphic art/creative support for billboards, print materials/publications, including the student handbook, and TV commercials

11. Google Ad campaign

12. Online reputation management

a. Actively monitoring for reviews and comments from multiple platforms making sure good and bad reviews are recognized by the LTC administration

b. Online directory syncing websites where LTC is listed

c. On a monthly basis provide the LTC Administration with a report of all metrics from the website, social media, and any traditional active media marketing campaigns

13. Coordinate all media buys

14. Video production work to highlight programs and special events – full service video with in house productions, directing, editing and publishing.

Due Date:

April 28, 2021


Leon County Schools Purchasing Department 3397 West Tharpe Street Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Relevant agencies to consider include Porter Novelli and Edelman PR.

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