Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Seeks Marketing Agency

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is requesting interested parties experienced in the development of marketing and branding for large scale utilities to provide information and feedback that will assist the LADWP.


The utility industry as a whole is undergoing a massive transformation, with the advent of two-way power, smart grid, clean energy alternatives, solar, electric vehicles, and more. Customer awareness of the utility industry is at an all-time high up from even just ten years ago and LADWP is seeking to continue that growth internally and externally. LADWP’s new Marketing and Economic Development Division is responsible for significantly increasing the amount of branding done by LADWP. The current logo as well as the look and feel of LADWP is dated to the point where LADWP’s customers may not have a connection with LADWP’s identity or fully understand LADWP’s services. As such, LADWP has identified a need to seek a full-service advertising agency that offers a suite of marketing, advertising, and interactive solutions.

Scope of Work:

1. Develop a Statement of Work (SOW) to market and rebrand the LADWP with the following goals in mind:

a) Keeping up with customer needs

b) Appealing to a new audience

c) Redefining some brand misconceptions

d) Correcting brand definition due to cultural and technological changes

e) Disrupting existing misconceptions or negative historical memories

f) Capitalizing on emerging trends

2. Obtaining a high-level cost estimate for budget purposes

3. Determining the level of industry interest

Due Date:

September 25th, 2017



Strong West Coast PR firms include Weber Shandwick and Shift Communications.

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