Louis Vuitton set to launch Mobile Game to Celebrate Anniversary

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Luxury Powerhouse company Louis Vuitton is one of the companies that set the tone for the rebound of the luxury market post-covid-19.  LVMH, the umbrella group that owns Dior, Tiffany, and Louis Vuitton, made nearly 14 billion Euros, a whole 14% higher than the revenue the group earned some years back, before the pandemic.

After conquering the luxury goods market, next to Louis Vuitton has its sights set on the mobile game market, with its launch of a mobile game on android and iOS platforms called Louis: The Game with NFTs. The game was released on Wednesday to celebrate the birthday of the group’s founder on the 4th of August 2021.

Louis Vuitton’s game mixes elements of escapism, education, and entertainment alike. It takes players on a quest that’s heavily influenced by the journey of the luxury brand’s founder. This quest takes place through several locations across the world including New York, Tokyo, and London, until the quest leads to a celebration.

Art plays a big role in Louis Vuitton’s game, in addition to adventure; the character itself is colorful and modern with the inclusion of NFTs

The game is a way of promoting the products of the brand, and it offers 30 NFTs, and an additional 10 NFTs by Mike Beeple, an artist that shocked the world with his Everyday: the first 5,000 days that smashed digital art records with its record price.

Louis Vuitton’s game features a prominent mascot called Vivienne that players have to follow on a journey through different adventures. Vivienne is covered in the design of Louis Vuitton during the game’s many adventures.

The quests in Louis Vuitton’s game unlock different stages and chapters in the story, though the theme players come across remains the same; how Louis Vuitton built his fashion empire from scratch to one of the most prominent names in the world luxury.

Louis: The Game has several levels that players pass through. As players advance, the game’s character Vivienne grows and moves between worlds. As players advance in the game, points are available to collect along the way, and these can then be used to purchase 12 different in-game accessories.

This game keeps things simple in the first level, as players get a chance to feel out the game and understand basic controls; running, turning, walking, and jumping are some of the things that users become more familiar with in the first level. The second level is set in a Luminous city and is a bit more complicated as it involves ledge climbing.

Also, in accordance with the recent NFT rave, the game also features NFTs. Details of the NFTs haven’t been fully revealed by Louis Vuitton, though it is believed that players can collect 30 NFTs while following Vivienne on adventures.

NFTs are collectibles that are similar to cryptocurrencies in ideology; they are based on blockchain technology, just like cryptocurrencies, and are also real assets, though they have unique value, unlike cryptocurrencies.

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