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As exclusively learned by Everything PR, The NY State Department of Economic Development is seeking a PR firm for the State’s iconic I LOVE NEW YORK campaign.

The New York State Department of Economic Development (hereafter referred to as NYSDED or the Department) requires the services of a qualified public relations firm also referred to as the Contractor, Successful Bidder or Consultant, to plan, coordinate, implement and administer Public Relations for the State’s iconic I LOVE NEW YORK campaign. As discussed in this Request for Proposal (RFP), in addition to other responsibilities, the NYSDED requires a Contactor: who will work with us as a partner; has experience managing highly recognized brand names; has excellent creative development skills; can provide high quality results in a cost effective manner (including but not limited to the use of cooperative advertising and “added value” such as bonus media spots based on paid placements); works willingly with the Department as a non- exclusive contractor; recognizes and accepts that the Department has in-house advertising capability that we may implement from time to time, in place of the Contractor’s services.

Travel and tourism represents of $95.4 billion industry in New York State and accounts for over 832,000 direct and indirect jobs. As tourism remains an integral part of the New York State economy, the I LOVE NEW YORK campaign represents a vital link to one of the most tested and resilient vehicles for continued economic growth.

The continued success of the I LOVE NEW YORK campaign undoubtedly relies on the success of a measurable and strategic public relations campaign. The Department seeks a PR partner that will be highly responsive and conscientious, work willingly with the Department as a non-exclusive contractor, and will commit top level management and talent to the Department’s account. Cooperatively, said agency should also be willing to recognize and utilize the in-house Communications and Media Services team to ensure that all capabilities are maximized.

The Department’s overall public relations strategy is to continue generating positive brand consciousness of the I LOVE NEW YORK campaign, promoting New York State as a premier year-round destination for all seasons. Through the tourism marketing campaign, I LOVE NEW YORK seeks to promote the entirety of New York State to the traveling consumer, both seasonally and thematically. With our Public Relations contractor, we seek to continue the growth of the New York State travel and tourism industry by capitalizing on media exposure and industry outreach for the benefit of the State and our industry stakeholders.

Questions regarding the RFP  must be submitted in writing to rfpfaq@esd.ny.gov.

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