Lynn PR: Strategic Communication Agency


Founded in 2019 by former journalist and PR pro Shayoni Lynn, Lynn PR has grown into an agency that helps marketing experts boost their strategic communications, behavioral science, and the measurement and evaluation of important KPIs.

Being an award-winning full-service PR and communications agency, Lynn’s agency leverages behavioral and data insights to create communication strategies and campaigns that deliver unmatched results.

At Lynn PR, helping marketing and communications professionals boost their skills in analyzing target audiences and employ behavioral interventions to empower call-to-actions is a delight. By helping brands to create content that draws an audience’s attention, achieves the right engagement, and drives target audiences to take action, Lynn PR has become a go-to agency one year after inception.

Leveraging diagnostic frameworks like the COM-B to pin-point barriers to effective communication and target behaviors, Lynn PR creates messages and creatives designed to overcome cognitive biases. At the same time, Lynn PR’s efforts enable target audiences to make decisions that improve their wellbeing.


Lynn PR offers a range of services that improve a brand’s strategic communications approach. The award-winning services include communications strategy development, audits for data-driven communications, behavioral change campaigns, tailored in-house training, and stakeholder analysis.

Other services include running higher education campaigns (e.g., alumni engagement, student recruitment, fundraising campaigns, and graduate outcome campaigns) and developing integrated measurement and assessment frameworks.

Lynn’s client and University of Salford’s Alumni Engagement Manager, Gareth Pettit, pointed out that working with Lynn’s team provided Salford’s team with unmatched communication insights, enabling the university to create an evidence-driven and highly-focused strategy for alumni engagement.

Key Milestones

#1. PRWeek’s ‘One to Watch’ Agency

Billed as a go-to strategic communications agency that uses behavioral science to achieve unparalleled results in the private and public sector, Lynn PR secured a position onPRWeek’s ‘One to watch’ agency.

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic and behavioral science work hand-in-glove, Lynn’s bespoke PR strategies have fueled a growth spurt in the Cardiff-based firm. Worth noting, the agency secured seven key contracts since April. The contracts involved the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) campaign on mental health, recovery plans for the Mid Wales tourism sector, road safety campaigns in England, and various campaigns in the public sector.

Leveraging data-driven insights, Lynn PR believes in measurable campaigns. Testing key metrics and adapting campaigns in real-time ensures that tailored campaigns respond to target audiences’ perceptions and reactions. As such, the agency has carved-out its position as a leader in behavioral science and PR.

#2. Hiring Charles Howard

With plans underway to increase the agency’s headcount to 10 employees by 2021, Lynn PR hired Charles Howard as the business development lead. Previously with the PHA group, Howard brings a wealth of experience in managing sales processes with tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

As Lynn’s agency scales during the COVID-19 pandemic, managing and following up on leads will be a gamechanger. That said: Howard is a great addition to Lynn PR’s team and will be instrumental in closing more leads for the agency.

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