Maine Town Issues Branding RFP

Maine Town Issues Branding RFP

The Town of Lisbon, Maine is seeking a branding agency.  They have issued an RFP for a firm to develop a branding concept for the Town of Lisbon that can be used in all marketing materials including our website, printed materials, signage and other media. In Addition the firm will develop a website around that branding concept that can be subsequently serviced by Town personnel. The new site will replace the current site for the Town’s Economic Development efforts.


The Town of Lisbon is the third largest community in Androscoggin County with a population of 9,000, which borders Topsham/Brunswick (east) and Lewiston/Auburn (west) through Rt. 196. Lisbon also sits between two highways; Interstate 95 and Interstate 295.The town has a total area of 23.82 square miles of which 22.82 square miles is land and 1.00 square mile is water. Lisbon is drained by the Sabattus River, Little River and Androscoggin River.

The Town of Lisbon has developed a plan to both nurture local business and attract new investment to the area. Over time, this plan should:

  • Provide for slow but stabilized and sustainable economic growth;
  • Establish new ties to regional partners both in Lewiston/Auburn area and the Mid­Coast Region;
  • Help re­establish the community as a place where young people can achieve career fulfillment and raise a family where children can be raised and not have to leave the region to get professional jobs. The new branding and website should reinforce this plan and also allow for better and more direct dissemination of Lisbon as a community in which to establish a business and/or raise a family.


This project has been broken down into two distinct but related “tasks”. The two tasks are as follows:

  • Branding and identity­building will be the first task;
  • The website creation and hosting is the second

Branding and Identity Building

Develop a brand concept that is versatile and would be suitable for multiple applications utilizing the Town of Lisbon’ existing logo. Attention must be paid to the way the brand fits in with other Mid­ Coast and Androscoggin County regional branding. Create a tag line that is identifiable, memorable and in line with the goals of the Town of Lisbon’ goals. Consultant will work with Town professional staff to:

  • Develop concepts, including colors and slogan, for review & selection.
  • Create an administrative communication and marketing package that will be the Town’s economic development style guide. This shall include: colors, fonts, name, graphics, fact sheets, e­newsletter template, PowerPoint template, Facebook cover design and other printed/electronic materials as needed.
  • All art and collateral material must be provided in high­resolution jpg and vector formats.
  • Provide a definitive plan for brand introduction and management beyond the initial branding process.

Detailed strategies for implementation of the branding into these various materials will be included. Website Design, Development and Hosting

Create and host a website for the Town of Lisbon that will showcase the Town’s programs and activities. The overall design of the website should highlight relevant content (ED programs, local events, promotion, incentives, success stories, demographics, statistics, news, site selection tools, etc.)

The website should have well­designed information architecture, a clean graphic look and feel, intuitive user navigation and should reflect the brand and goals of the Town of Lisbon.

Proposal due by Monday, March 20, 2017 to:
Tracey Steuber, Economic & Community Development
Director Town of Lisbon
300 Lisbon Street
Lisbon, ME 04250
207­353­3000 ­ 207­353­3007 (Fax)

Firms that could be considered for this include Padilla CRT and Finn Partners.

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