Mariah Carey Acceptance Speech Puzzles Press

Mariah Carey Speech

The fine people of the press were left in confusion after witnessing Mariah Carey’s 7-minute acceptance speech during Tuesday night’s Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.

Carey had won the Breakthrough Performance Award for her part as a social worker in the film Precious. PEOPLE Magazine reported that Carey “never quite managed to finish her sentence that began, “Please forgive me because I am a little bit…”

So as the news spins, the wheels turn in the heads of those who witnessed her scattered and confusing rambling of a speech, resulting in the quest to get to the bottom of why Carey couldn’t quite get her spewing words to come out the way she may have hoped.

When Carey was given her award by Precious director Lee Daniels, Festival organizers remarked that Carey must have been nervous to speak among such superior and notable performers as Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges, Clint Eastwood and Dame Helen Mirren. Some may even speculate that the absence of her hubby, Nick Cannon, may have added to her nervousness. Others have even suggested the possibility of too much champagne or drug use.

Carey, the R&B artist who recently released her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, has a loyal following that may not be too surprised by her strange behavior. Carey has been caught behaving badly on more than one occasion, with a complication with prescription medication being stated as the cause.

Sean Penn’s saucy remark of “Think anything is going to make YouTube tonight?” after Carey left the stage, triggered the inevitable. Even Jason Reitman, the Director of the Year winner for Up in the Air, took a dig at Carey with: “Right now I am as happy as Mariah Carey seems.” So, just for the sake of citing sources, here’s one of the YouTube videos that has everyone up in a tizzy and wondering what exactly caused Carey to stumble her way through her acceptance mess.

Truth be told, this glamour gal won the award regardless of how she thanked her fans and supporters. Maybe if Mariah Carey wins as Best R&B Artist in tonight’s 36th Annual People’s Choice Awards, she will take advantage of an opportunity for a second chance or recreate history once again. No comment on this dizzying experience yet from Carey’s publicists at PMK-BNC.

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