Market Research RFP Issued


Florida Virtual School (“FLVS”) is seeking responses from qualified proposers for National and International Market Research and Business Development Services.


As an online Kindergarden-12th grade solutions provider, Florida Virtual School is committed to providing valuable resources for every school district and school across the nation. FLVS offers a variety of educational products and services to B2B and B2C audiences, including: K-12 Online Schools, Teacher Training and Professional Development, Digital Curriculum (190+ Courses), Tech Solutions and Platforms. Additional information about FLVS can be found on (National Services) and (Florida Services).

As a leading provider of K-12 education, FLVS provides robust, winning curriculum to public, private, charter, and homeschool families and school districts nationwide. FLVS strives to stay ahead of the digital marketplace to ensure we are reaching and supporting as many districts/educational institutions and school administrators as possible. To continue doing so, we are seeking market research and business development expertise from established service providers who have knowledge and experience specific to the K-12 marketplace. Our goal is to effectively seek out the resources and support necessary to reach educational providers that would benefit by partnering with FLVS, through business- to-business lead generation on an international and national scale.

Market Research, Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Reporting Consultation for post Covid K-12.

For Lot 1, the awarded Contractor(s) shall provide the services as described herein. The services to be performed for FLVS under this Lot may include, but are not limited to providing data analysis and consultation on the following:

a. Development of custom report(s) which assess the marketplace in the current COVID landscape for digital/online educational providers which includes but is not limited:

• US Regional and global analysis of the K-12 digital marketplace

• Barriers to marketplace entry and strategies to overcome

• Funding sources such as Federal and State Grants

• Legislative impacts by state that would impact digital curriculum/online learning

• Collaboration opportunities

• Competitor analysis

• Curriculum demands (i.e., Educational Standards by state, or shortage of qualified instructors in the market or other challenges faced within a district or region)

• Assessment/testing changes (i.e. legislative/laws/DOE standards)

b. Research, prepare, and submit a one-year, three-year, and five-year strategic plan for the targeting of and success in the United States and Global digital K12 school markets post COVID.

• Outcomes: Strategic Plan for the digital school market opportunity

• Timing: draft review in first quarter of contract with ongoing updates as needed per market shifts.

c. Work with FLVS to develop a plan for targeted K-12 digital school offerings, including pricing and service options that may include partnerships.

• Deliverables: development and ongoing strategy for the securing new K-12 business, including but not limited to services, curriculum, platform options, and pricing.

• Timing: ongoing d. Work with FLVS to develop messaging for FLVS Account Managers to effectively pursue these opportunities in various markets.

Deliverable: ongoing support of and introductions for the FLVS team to identify and pursue new K-12 business opportunities.

Due Date:

May 31


Karen Stolarenko |

Agencies to consider for this assignment include Finn Parners and Zeno Group.

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