things to do in mesa
things to do in mesa


The City of Mesa Office of Economic Development (OED) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms, to enter into a professional services agreement to provide brand development, marketing strategies, communications, advertising, content development, graphic design, and community engagement services.


a. Vision – Mesa, Arizona will be regarded as a premier location for companies and investors

seeking an innovative, dynamic city to enhance their competitiveness, including:

I. A diverse and sustainable economy featuring a balance of base industries that create high

quality jobs and a diversified workforce.

II. An educated workforce employed in jobs that pay above the county median wage with


III. A leadership team that supports a regional, national, and global approach to economic


IV. A partnership between industry and government that recognizes Next Generation

technologies and products as economic opportunities.

V. Companies that operate in Mesa with the world as their marketplace.

b. Mission – Mesa’s Office of Economic Development (OED) works to enhance Mesa’s economy,

by promoting a culture of quality, supporting the creation of quality jobs, promoting direct

investment, increasing prosperity, and improving life for residents.

Economic Development staff accomplishes this mission by promoting Mesa as a premier

location for business, targeting key industries that provide high wage jobs and future

sustainability for the community. Mesa OED is the primary point of contact for existing

businesses and prospective businesses, site selectors, developers, and community

stakeholders to obtain technical expertise and support services necessary to properly evaluate

business opportunities in Mesa.

Scope of Work:

The selected firm(s), team(s), and/or individual(s) will complete the following

scope of work. Unless otherwise noted, OED will provide any needed photograph and copy.

a. Office of Economic Development Brand Refresh and Implementation

i. Develop the look and feel for a refreshed website, including a home page and two (2) to

three (3) subpages/landing pages (OED currently has a vendor to program and host the


ii. Create a new eNewsletter template (OED will produce the eNewsletter).

iii. Redesign the OED profile template and produce up to six (6) industry profiles (OED to

provide copy and photography) – typically eight (8) to twelve (12) pages per profile.

iv. Redesign a new opportunity map brochure template and produce up to five (5) opportunity

map brochures – typically four (4) pages each.

v. Redesign a new print ad template, produce ads, and resize ads.

vi. Redesign new digital ad templates, produce digital ads, and resize ads.

vii. Redesign a new one-sheets template in Microsoft Word (OED will use the template to

create various one-sheets).

viii. Redesign a new PowerPoint template with multiple pages and guidelines (OED will use

the template to create presentations).

ix. Develop several social media graphics templates for project announcements on Linkedin

and Facebook (OED will create subsequent posts using the template).

x. Create a new trade show banner template and create banners. OED uses 3’ wide x 8’ high

pull-up graphics.

xi. Other collateral material as needed.

b. Industry Segment Strategies and Campaigns – In coordination with OED, develop strategies

and campaigns for up to six (6) industry segments. Each strategy may contain some or all the

following elements: tradeshows/conferences, digital/print ad campaigns, landing pages, press

releases, article creation, email blasts, print collateral, social media, media planning and

buying, analytics and results reporting, and all necessary account management.

Industry segments may include medical devices and technology, advanced manufacturing, and

foreign direct investment (FDI), aerospace and defense, electric and driverless vehicles, with

targeted audiences including site selectors, company decision makers, and real estate brokers,

and local stakeholders (residents, elected officials, and city employees).

c. Broadway Corridor Brand Development and Implementation

i. Research and Analysis

1. SWOT Analysis – Conduct a series of surveys and focus groups of various

stakeholders. In addition, use primary/secondary research provided by OED to

determine the Corridor’s strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

2. Competitive Analysis – Determine key competitors and their positioning and


3. Brand Communications Brief – Determine target audience, key differentiators, value

proposition, positioning, key and supporting messaging, etc.

4. Summary Report – Provide a summary report and presentation that includes your

analysis and conclusions from the SWOT Analysis and Competitive Analysis, along

with a Brand Communications Brief.

ii. Brand Development – Develop the visual elements including a logo, slogan/tagline, colors,

fonts, style guide, and elements that are adaptable across a variety of media applications,

including but not limited to the city’s websites and social media platforms. Also, include

basic signage and environmental graphics package that could include monument signs,

utility box wraps, street pole banners.

iii. Marketing Communications Strategy and Implementation – In coordination with OED,

develop strategies to promote the Broadway Corridor for redevelopment, the attraction of

new businesses, and the expansion of existing businesses. Then implement the necessary

campaigns and strategies, including media planning and buying and reporting the

results/analytics of the campaigns.

e. Content Development – Assist OED in researching and writing copy/content to promote

the City of Mesa as a premier location for businesses to locate and expand. The

copy/content could include the following:

i. Content Research

ii. Press Releases

iii. Story Pitches

iv. News/Magazine Articles (500 – 1000 words)

v. Newsletter Articles (250 – 500 words)

vi. Social Media Content

vii. Email Blasts

viii. Website Content

ix. Brochure Content

Due Date: AUGUST 9, 2021 – 3:00 P.M. LOCAL ARIZONA TIME


Responses shall be submitted through the City of Mesa’s Purchasing Website at under the appropriate Solicitation opportunity. Submissions submitted elsewhere or under the wrong Solicitation will not be considered

Agencies to consider for this assignment include 5WPR and Coyne PR.

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