Marketing and Creativity

Aside from the analytics, product design, and customer experience that go into marketing campaigns, there is also a great deal of creativity that goes into it as well. This tends to go beyond the ad campaign mechanics and can actually provide tangible results of value to companies.

Customer-Centric Campaigns

Most marketing professionals are frequently talking about consumer-centric campaigns, this often means creating campaigns that are better targeted towards the audience. Instead, what marketers should focus on is creating campaigns alongside consumers, because consumers are also creators, working alongside various brands.

Creating campaigns together with the consumers from the very beginning means that the customers’ experiences can be factored in the campaign itself, which will expand the campaign reach further. This entails listening to what the consumers value and taking pain points more seriously than ever, as that will help brands create better products, and campaigns.

Customer Buying Journey

Marketers also understand the importance of customer experience, but tend to solely focus on the things that are easy to control. However, taking a broader look and taking the entire consumer journey into perspective, means that marketers will be able to provide more support and build stronger relationships with consumers at the end of the day.

Although this takes time and resources, companies and marketers that are able to invest in it see great benefits and are able to boost their bottom line.


These days, it’s a lot more difficult for marketing pros and brands to spread brand reputation and brand awareness goals solely through public relations and paid media efforts. Fortunately, there is another way to improve these brand facts that includes the brand’s audience at the same time.

By inspiring the consumers and getting people to feel like a part of the company itself, many are going to be a lot more willing to share positive experiences with their own communities both offline and online, which creates a word-of-mouth campaign unlike any other.


The fact that all marketing campaigns have a set of KPIs so that effectiveness is easily measurable means marketers and brands both know precisely what is and isn’t working. This also provides marketers with a new way to manage and measure campaigns. 

In the past, marketers were measuring success by the creative awards received and executing campaigns within a certain budget that comes with a lot of constraints. However, these days, marketers have an array of available tools that are able to track these important metrics in real-time. This information can then be used to update and change the parts of a campaign that aren’t working as well as others.

All of the changes that are happening with technology and media, paired with the changes in consumer buying habits have completely shifted the nature of marketing and creativity. These are just some of the ways that marketers can think outside of the box with these changes happening in the industry and get better results.

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