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Through this competitive Request for Proposal (herein and after referred to as the “RFP”) process Adams County School District 14, (herein and after referred to as the “District”), is seeking bids/proposals from an individual or a firm (herein and after referred to as the “Firm”) to provide marketing and branding services in accordance with the scope of service specified.


Adams County School District 14 is a state and nationally recognized leader in innovative education. Located just north of downtown Denver, Adams County School District 14 serves the historic community of Commerce City, Colorado. The district serves an area with approximately 33,000 residents. There are 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools and 2 preschool centers. Total pupil count is approximately 6,300. Adams County School District 14 has partnered with BidNet as part of the Rocky Mountain EPurchasing System which provides a way for local government agencies across Colorado and Wyoming to more effectively notify vendors of Bid and RFP opportunities, while increasing efficiency and lowering costs for government agencies (and their taxpayers) through shared resources.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) has been developed to seek bids from qualified vendors to furnish a high impact marketing and rebranding campaign for the District. To achieve this objective, the District is seeking an experienced brand agency to provide brand building services to help us articulate who we are, share our successes and progress made over the last two years, build brand presence, share compelling proof points to support brand and vision, and build brand personality and voice. We need our new brand to speak both internally and externally. A successful branding and marketing strategy will help the District establish a new brand that will bring trust and support from external audiences. The strategy must include a plan to communicate effectively to our monolingual Spanish and English speaking constituencies. Our key external audience are our parents and students, community members, parents and students that reside in the district but have left due to a lack of confidence in the District, our alumni, organization partners, Commerce City leadership and business community. Our internal key audience is our faculty, staff and administration team members. The marketing and branding campaign should include a plan for sharing the progress made to improve career and technical offerings at Adams City High School and the plans for the new P-Tech program at the High School. The plan should also include promotion of the District’s new two-way dual language program at Dupont Elementary, launching in the 2021-22 school year. The selected agency will work with key District and MGT Consulting (EMO) staff and will be supported with all internal relationships and materials to make the building and execution of the marketing strategy a success.

Bidder shall provide the services required hereunder as an independent contractor and shall have the exclusive right to set and control any additional operating standards not specified herein. Such standards shall be periodically reviewed by District at such reasonable intervals as District may request. Following any such review, the District shall notify Bidder in writing if it determines that Bidder’s operating standards are not satisfactory. Bidder will then be given fifteen calendar days to make necessary adjustments or corrections. Failure of the Bidder to correct deficiencies may result in termination of the Contract. At a minimum, responsibilities of Bidder shall include the following:

1. Project management plan including estimated time to complete all deliverables to and make Marketing/Rebranding plans ready for District input by August 1, 2021. All final revisions should be complete and the new brand should be ready to launch publically by September 1, 2021.

2. Project team shall hold strategy sessions with key players which shall include District staff and a MGT.

3. The contractor shall submit weekly status updates through email with the District project manager.

4. Develop branding strategies for the District and include them in a master document.

5. All final products should include a zip file with each document produced and published, all the color schemes, tag line, fonts, graphic elements, and brand story. All items produced and conceived under the agreement will become district owned.

Work Plan: Bidder must describe their work plan for servicing the District’s marketing and rebranding. It must contain the following, at a minimum, and be part of the “Technical Proposal” section of the proposal:

1. Location of office

2 Number and type of employees

3 Proposed working relationship with District and MGT

4 Outline the process your agency will use to complete the project

5 Outline your method for gathering public input

6 List items, documents, or any resources you will need from the District to successfully complete this project.

7 Proposed timeline to complete the project with an estimated number of hours for each phase of the project.

8 Proposed budget including the estimated time needed to complete the project; broken up with line items

Due Date:

May 21, 2021 at 4:00pm local time


Janet Gibbons Purchasing Manager Adams County School District 14 Email:

Relevant agencies include Ruder Finn and MWWPR.

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