Hudson, Ohio PR & Marketing Bid Up for Grabs

The city of Hudson, Ohio is all set to hire professional PR and marketing help to promote economic development there. According to news from Hudson Hub Times, the council there has already approved the move to foster growth via outreaches and branding.

Hudson Ohio landing page

Hudson, Ohio landing page

A statement by Economic Development Director Chuch Wiedie amplifies Hudson’s initiative:

“We want the most qualified person to reach our goals for this program and that may not always be the lowest.”

Hudson’s city decision makers have allotted a budget of $100,000 for 2012 in order to accomplish the desired brand and business development goals, according to the news. Wiedie also pointed out that the bid may be split among more than one entity. While local Akron Chamber of Commerce and other nearby initiatives may overlap with Hudson’s, the city feel it is up to them to present potential partners with Hudson as a viable business destination.

The committee has suggested they will start the interview process by the end of March. Wiedie, who was hired back in 2008 to head up the Think Ohio, Think Hudson (PDF) initiative, has launch any number of campaigns to grow Hudson’s reputation. Northeast Ohio has been devastated by the recession, thousands having moved out to seek jobs and opportunity elsewhere. Meanwhile, some indicators suggest the region may rebound nicely compared with some other sections of the US. Unemployment across Ohio improved for the first time since the recession hit recently.

For more information on this PR and Marketing news, please visit the official site via the links above, or contact Chuck Wiedie directly at: (330) 342-1893.

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