The County of Camden seeks an experienced firm to assist with the development and design of a comprehensive marketing plan.

The County of Camden (“County”) seeks an experienced firm with sufficient resources to provide the Marketing Consulting Services as more fully described herein for the County and various county departments and agencies. The selected firm will have a close working relationship with the County and may interact with various other representatives from County government and the related autonomous County Agencies and Authorities, which may include the Camden County Board of Social Services, Camden County Library Commission, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, Camden County Improvement Authority, Camden County Technical Schools, and the Pollution Control Financing Authority of Camden County, (collectively “County Agencies”). The selected firm will assist the County with developing and designing a marketing plan to effectively position the County and provide a consistent message to its constituents and customers.

Experience and Qualifications: Proposers shall have substantial experience with the following:

· Professional experience in communication services

· Producing quality graphic design and copywriting

· Devising, implementing and coordinating marketing campaigns and promotions.

· Developing, implementing, monitoring and adjusting media strategies while working within a dedicated budget to promote programs, events, and facilities.

· Coordinating with multiple parties to meet deadlines

· Working with local, municipal and non-profit entities a plus.

Firms shall provide with its submission a portfolio of similar jobs evidencing the design experience requested and a minimum of three writing samples.


The Camden County Board of Commissioners oversees all aspects of county government and provides a variety of services and programs to the public. Services include but are not limited to Library services, Health programs, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, Sustainability, Public Works (roads, bridges, dams), Children’s Services, Senior Services, Animal Welfare, Veterans Services, Improvement Authority and Technical Schools. In order to connect with over 500,000 residents, the Department of Events and Community Outreach works with governmental units and agencies to produce and participate in over 200 events annually and provide outreach and marketing of the county’s services. Event categories include Healthy Living, Family Friendly, Sustainability, Veterans, Public Safety, Concerts and Pet Friendly.

I.                     Development – Assist in development of an overall marketing plan that positions the county as resident friendly and helps to educate the public of the wide variety of services provided and available to them through all marketing and advertising platforms.

II.                   II. Graphic design- Design of communication and marketing materials (write, edit, and proofread copy), including but not limited to a minimum of the following:

a.        Two (2) printed newsletters, 8 ½ by 11, 8 pages.

b.        One (1) Parks Events Guide, 8 ½ by 11, 16-page bound publication.

c.        Four (4) tri-fold brochure type documents. 

d.       Four (4) oversized postcards for Direct Mailing. 

e.       Edits to current documents, including posters, brochures and flyers. The printing of various marketing materials that can not be done at our county print shop.

f.        Design/create ads, including TV, Radio, print and digital and recommend and implement advertising strategies and facilitate/negotiate media buys for various agreed budgets.

III.                 Digital Media – assist marketing manager with routine postings and content research and production:

a.       Research content, write and edit copy about county programs, including the weekly and monthly digital newsletters.

b.       Ongoing updates and content creation to the website and social media outlets

c.       Attend occasional events and provide social media coverage including photography, video and live posting (evenings and weekends included)

IV.                Sponsorship Branding – Consult, advise and assist Department of Events and Community Outreach in the management and development of approved County sponsored events and organizations through sponsorships including animal friendly and other initiatives that promote the county brand. Such services that maybe requested include: graphic design, website development and add-ons, social media development, video production, printing of marketing materials, mailing services for marketing materials, and other technical/design services.

a. Assure the county brand/logo is being used properly at sponsored events. 

b. Create, edit and write content to market the county at these sponsored events.

Deadline June 27 

Anne E Walters

520 Market St, 17th Floor PO Box 95120

Camden NJ 08101

Agencies to consider include Alison Brod PR and Finn Partners.

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