Marketing and Multimedia Rights Representation Sought

Marketing and Multimedia Rights Representation Sought


The purpose and intent of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit marketing firms for the purpose of providing William & Mary “W&M” with a holistic marketing and multimedia rights proposal. The proposal should be comprehensive in nature to benefit faculty, staff, students, alumni, and fans through meaningful financial rewards, while protecting and preserving the history and tradition of the University without distraction from its primary mission.


William & Mary “W&M” or “University” is the nation’s second oldest college and the first college to become a university. Established in 1693 by British royal charter, William & Mary is proud of its role as the alma mater of generations of American patriots, leaders, and public servants. William & Mary is a public, coeducational institution based on a strong liberal arts tradition that offers the full range of degree programs from the baccalaureate to the doctor of philosophy and doctor of law. William & Mary serves the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation by its dedication to excellence in education. It routinely ranks in the top ten of public universities in the country and is considered a best buy in many college guides. Besides William & Mary’s extensive undergraduate programs, it has four nationally ranked professional schools of marine science, law, business and education.

William & Mary enrolls approximately 6,300 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students. As a public university, Virginia residents comprise 65% of the student body, and non-Virginia residents comprise 35% of the student body. Now, in its fourth century, William & Mary, continues its tradition of excellence by combining the best features of an undergraduate college with the opportunities offered by a cutting-edge research university. Our moderate size, dedicated faculty, and distinctive history give William & Mary a unique character among public institutions.

Scope of Work:

A. Expectations and Experience:

  1. Opportunity. Contractor shall be capable of providing a comprehensive and quality program with a regional and national sales presence and to create opportunities at all levels of marketing rights and partnerships.
  2. Compensation. Contractor shall represent the best interests of and provide the most competitive compensation to the University for the right to commercially represent multimedia rights in the areas of radio, television, corporate sponsorships, signage, event promotion, publications and the Internet as authorized by the University’s contract administration.
  3. Compliance. Contractor shall provide services that are in strict compliance with NCAA, Colonial Athletic Association University rules and regulations and any applicable state and federal rules and regulations.

B. Personnel and Staffing:

  1. Personnel. In the event the University enters into any Agreement for services specified herein, the successful contractor and partner shall be required to provide an appropriate number of on- site staff members that are approved by W&M. Personnel shall adhere to and abide by all campus regulations.
  2. Office Space. W&M will provide an on-site office in order to support day-to-day communication with designated departments, and to prospect, approve, fulfill, and implement sponsor Agreements. The employee will remain a Contractor employee in all respects and adhere to background checks, and all stipulations of Contractor.  While on the campus of W&M, Contractor employee will comply with all rules and regulations of W&M, including system access and computer network policies. W&M will provide basic office furniture. Contractor shall not be charged rent for space, but will be responsible for all other –out-of-pocket costs related to the use of such space (e.g., computer equipment, telephone, internet charges, postage, parking, etc.)
  3. Meetings. Contractor will coordinate meetings on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually) with various constituents, to include stakeholders, steering committee, contract administrator, and other University leadership.
  4. Reporting. Since the athletics department and the campus are jointly contributing assets to the RFP/Contract. The Contractor will use a rate card to track the share of value and report on the portion that should be distributed to each party.

C. Objectives: Selected Contractor shall work as the University’s partner, and shall have the rights, as identified by the University to:

  1. Generate Revenue. Maximize revenue from Athletics and Non-Athletics inventory;
  2. Brand Exposure. Expand University partners to encompass regional and national opportunities;
  3. Seek Opportunity. Develop new innovative initiatives to create new and increase current revenue streams;
  4. Comprehensive Reporting. Develop and implement a reporting plan that will keep appropriate Athletic and Non-Athletic staff informed of progress made in the program and its impact on sponsorship/marketing revenue;
  5. Promotion. Develop and implement a “no cost” marketing program to promote Athletic related games and special events, utilizing all assets;

D. Corporate Partners: Selected Contractor shall develop new “packages” to include, but not be limited to:

  1. Media assets (Radio and digital)
  2. Athletic venue naming components and signage
  3. Exclusive promotional rights
  4. Exclusive game-day rights
  5. Endorsements and designations
  6. Rights to official W&M logos and marks
  7. Campus Opportunities, as outlined further below

Due Date:

April 23rd, 2018


William & Mary

Procurement Services

  1. O. Box 8795

Williamsburg, Virginia 23187-8795

PR firms with university experience includes ZENO Group & Hunter PR.

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