The purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit sealed proposals to establish a contract through competitive negotiations for the procurement of a Full-Service marketing agency to promote the Village of Ruidoso Convention Center.


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (hereinafter “RFP”) is a means to select an Offer that results in the selection of the best qualified Offeror most suitable to the needs of the Village.

Scope of Work:

The term of this Price Agreement shall be for one (1) year beginning on or about October 13, 2020 with the option to extend for a period of three (3) additional years, on a year-to-year basis, by mutual agreement of all parties at the same price, terms and conditions. This Price Agreement shall not exceed eight (4) years from the date of award.

The Village of Ruidoso is soliciting proposals for a FULL-SERVICE marketing agency to promote the Village’s Convention Center on a contractual basis. The purpose is to provide maximum exposure to the tourism and visitors market in order to boost the Village’s economy and through general advertising promotion, marketing and group sales service at the Village of Ruidoso Convention Center. Proposals will be considered that include the following:

1. Market through print, advertising, direct mail, internet, telephone, word of mouth, personal visits or any other form of marketing services and facilities of the Convention Center. Market area attractions, such as, but not limited to skiing, horse racing, museums, camping, fishing, hiking, biking and performing arts to support bookings at the Convention Center

2. Offeror must be able to a) demonstrate knowledge of Lincoln County and surrounding areas, b) have experience with convention marketing, c) promote the Convention Center as the ideal meeting place to group and tour planners, d) diligently follow-up sales leads, attend industry trade shows and do other things required for an efficient and effective sales program, and e) maintain an office at the Convention Center during normal working hours and when not traveling in conjunction with Marketing Services. Develop and maintain a marketing plan for the Convention Center. Creative design, production and placement. Public Relations – offeror must be able to oversee all marketing and coordination of contracts at the Convention Center. Said coordination shall be with the Convention Center staff and consistent with the direction of the Village Manager. Group Sales and Service including all government activities, meetings and conferences. Implementation of standards and forms of measurement to increase overall accountability of the entire marketing program for the Convention Center. Provide assistance in all aspects of organizing and implementing a marketing plan including but not limited to procurement of services, transportation, lodging, car rental and access to attractions. Provide ongoing consultative services to the Director of Tourism, Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board, Village of Ruidoso Council, and Convention Center staff on a variety of public relation issues and promotional opportunities for the Convention Center. Act as tour guide and facilitate any media writers, organizations, or tours as required by the Village of Ruidoso.

At the time this Agreement is entered into, and each March thereafter, awardee shall provide Village with a marketing plan for Village’s approval. The marketing plan shall contain a general description of the magazine, newspaper, radio, television and internet advertising to be undertaken by awardee to promote the Convention Center. The marketing plan shall identify the proposed marketing budget for all advertising and promotion. Offeror must designate an account representative exclusively to the Village of Ruidoso Convention Center.

1. Organizational Experience

Offerors must: a) Provide a description of relevant corporate experience with state and local governments and private sector. The experience of all personnel that will be involved with this project must be described. The narrative must thoroughly describe how the Offeror has supplied expertise for similar contracts and must include the extent of their experience, expertise and knowledge of Convention Center Operations.

2. Organizational References

Offerors should provide a minimum of three (3) references from similar projects performed for private, state or large local government clients within the last three years. Offerors are required to submit APPENDIX F, Organization Reference Questionnaire, to the business references they list. The business references must submit the Reference Form directly to the designee described in Sec I Paragraph D. It is the Offeror’s responsibility to ensure the completed forms are received on or before September 18, 2020 for inclusion in the evaluation process. Organizational References that are not received or are not complete, may adversely affect the vendor’s score in the evaluation process. The Evaluation Committee may contact any or all business references for validation of information submitted. If this step is taken, the Procurement Manager and the Evaluation Committee must all be together on a conference call with the submitted reference so that the Procurement Manager and all members of the Evaluation Committee receive the same information. Additionally, the Village reserves the right to consider any and all information available to it (outside of the Business Reference information required herein), in its evaluation of Offeror responsibility per Section II, Para C.18. Offerors shall submit the following Business Reference information as part of Offer:

a) Client name;

b) Project description;

c) Project dates (starting and ending);

d) Staff assigned to reference engagement that will be designated for work per this RFP; and

e) Client project manager name, telephone number, fax number and email address.

Due Date:

September 21, 2020


John Commander, Purchasing Agent Address: 313 Cree Meadows Drive, Ruidoso, NM 88345 Telephone: (575) 258-4343 Fax: (505) 258-5361 Email:

Relevant agencies to consider includes Finn Partners and Zeno Group.

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