Marketing, PR, and Creative Services at the Merritt Group

The Merritt Group is made up of a team of fearless people with endless creativity. Headquartered in Virginia, with offices in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, the Merritt Group is a nationally recognized strategic communications agency. Merritt Group focuses their expertise on four core industries: technology, energy, healthcare, and government.

How Merritt Group Earns Results

Founded in 1996, Merritt Group has been working tirelessly for nearly twenty-five years to reach, engage, and convert buyers for their clients. Merritt Group uses a combination of traditional public relations services, content marketing, performance marketing, and creative service expertise with high-end technology and deep industry knowledge to achieve results.

Voted one of the Best Places to Work by the Washington Business Journal and Washingtonian Magazine, Merritt Group is led by Senior Partner and CEO Alisa Valudes Whyte. Ms. Whyte leverages her background in economics and marketing to advance the agency’s clientele and culture. She received a Silver Award for Female Executive of the Year in 2019 in the Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Services That Move the Sales Needle

Merritt Group is focused on creating brand awareness and driving new leads to their clients in the most efficient way possible. They accomplish this through their expert PR team who provide exceptional services.

Public Relations

Mainstream media is constantly changing, and Merritt Group understands that. That’s why their public relations services extend beyond the traditional and into the new realms of influencer outreach and differentiated messaging. Their PR service includes media training, media and analyst relations, and social media management.

Content Marketing

Merritt Group’s content marketing services are all about impactful storytelling and promotion that creates the maximum impact possible. Their content marketing includes content creation, video production, and reporting and analytics.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is all about understanding the numbers side of a client’s business. At Merritt Group, their agents offer audience modeling, marketing technology consulting, search engine optimization, website design, and more to help their clients increase their lead flow and overall sales.

Creative Services

One of the most important offerings of any public relations agency is creative services, and Merritt Group offers a wide array of innovative ways to engage buyers. Their creative services solutions include interactive design, branding, sales content, and ad design.

Their Work and Partnerships

Merritt Group has partnered with globally recognized companies such as Endera, Tableau, and most notably, Microsoft.

Their work with Microsoft focused on shifting the perceptions of a market leader in the public sector. As cloud-based technologies became more competitive, Microsoft needed to distinguish themselves as more than just a product provider. So, Merritt Group implemented a plan that included updated messaging, aggressive content strategy, and digital advertising to reshape public perceptions of what Microsoft can provide to consumers.

Learn More about Merritt Group

Visit the official Merritt Group website to discover more about their services, specialty industries, and notable past work. From their industry-specific insights to their impressive portfolio, Merritt Group has established themselves as a leader in the field. To contact them, fill out their Get in Touch form directly on the website.

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