The City of Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals, partnerships, or firms to provide ongoing marketing, branding, public relations, social media, and graphic design services. The mission of the CRA is to foster and directly assist in the redevelopment CRA community by eliminating blight, create a sustainable urban development framework, and encourage economic growth, thus improving the attractiveness and quality of life for the benefit of the CRA and the City as a whole. 

The CRA works to fulfill its mission through a variety of strategic programs and improvement plans that eliminate and prevent blighted conditions, encourage job creation and business development, help maintain a viable redevelopment area, and improve neighborhoods throughout the CRA. The Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (HBCRA) is a full-service agency that provides the full gamut of redevelopment services, in areas such as commercial and residential development, infrastructure programming, arts and cultural programming, and economic development. These services include residential and commercial programs, which are designed facilitate and spur the creation of a significant number of redevelopment related programs and projects, over the remaining 5 years of the life the HBCRA. 

Scope of Work:

The comprehensive, strategic approach to redevelopment includes improving the commercial

and residential conditions of the target area. This approach is consistent with several goals

identified in the CRA Strategic Plan such as:

• Be a well-positioned City within the global economic and tourism markets of the

South Florida region, leveraging our airports, ports and rail connections.

• Be known for educational excellence.

• Be a community of strong, beautiful, and healthy neighborhoods

• Be an inclusive community made up of district, complementary, and diverse


The selected firm shall serve as the CRA Marketing Consultant by developing and managing the

CRA’s branding and marketing plan. Awarded marketing firm is responsible to procure all of

the necessary subcontractors and services necessary to accomplish the work specified in the

RFP for the services required. For example, if a radio station will need to be hired it will be part

of the cost of the marketing firm to pay for those as part of the marketing agreement awarded

by the CRA.

1. Marketing and Branding Plan: Develop a marketing strategy and advertising campaign to

solidify the brand and deliver the message of the brand to the residents, businesses, and

visitors of the CRA. Awarded marketing firm is responsible to procure all of the necessary

sub-contractors and services necessary to accomplish the work specified in the RFP for the

services required. For example, if a radio station will need to be hired it will be part of the

cost of the marketing firm to pay for those as part of the marketing agreement awarded by

the CRA.

At minimum, develop marketing and branding tools and approach for the CRA to execute

the following guiding principles:

• Develop and overall marketing plan that represents the CRA.

• Create a strong brand identity and recommend a sustainable branding campaign.

• Coordinate economic development partners and community involvement process

in crafting the brand.

• Create Logos for various campaigns.

• Prepare and produce signage and banners.

• Develop informational brochures and fact sheets to provide to the community.

• Position and brand the CRA as a vibrant, growing urban hub that offers a variety of

distinctive features, advantages and benefitsto businesses and visitors alike.

• Outline the Marketing Strategies for business attraction, business development,

business promotion and retention of public communication. Create and analyze

survey and interview feedback from stakeholders.

• Review the programs currently in place within these components and make

appropriate marketing recommendations to support and enhance the CRA’s

economic development and redevelopment efforts in the CRA. How shall the CRA

attract new business? How shall the CRA work with its business partners? What

are the best means to communicate with CRA businesses, potential businesses and


• Develop a Public Relations Strategy. Develop a strategy to take advantage of press

releases, e-blasts, special editorials, and media relations to promote the CRA as a

great place to work, live, shop, dine and do business. Propose a well-defined public

relations strategy that will achieve the highest level of publicity for the CRA. Create

and disseminate an e-newsletter for businesses located in the CRA and those

desirous of re-locating into the CRA.

• Educate target audiences on the ever-evolving projects, programs and initiatives in

CRA that appeals to all generations and price points;

• Increase audience reach and awareness of the growth and development within


• Inspire pride throughout the redevelopment district that encourages connectivity,

engagement, participation, communication, support of community-at-large, and a

wider pool of influencers and endorsers;

• Increase and maintain a high level of awareness with regard to the CRA area

including general news, events, activities, etc. among its targeted audiences,

including media;

• Generate additional consumer traffic, business interest, and media coverage as well

as demonstrate vibrancy and relevance of the new development activity within the


• Support the overall economic development initiatives of the CRA via relevant

communications channels and vehicles.

• Create message content that respond to the diverse nature of the CRA,

particularly themulti-culturalaspects of the community.

• Work with City and CRA staff to continuously involve community-based

organizations on projects, initiatives and programs as needed.

• Proactively work on promotion of the City and CRA with little guidance.

• Advertising management including securing radio ads, interviews with local

newspapers, ad placement within magazines and other media.

2. Public Relations: To assist CRA on the development of specific marketing initiatives and/or

campaigns focused around special events, projects, initiatives or programs in targeted

development areas.

3. Press Releases Generation and Distribution: The Contractor will release press releases

for the CRA and assist with distribution to local media outlets on an as-needed basis.

4. Social Media Account and Management: CRA uses social media to inform the local and

regional community of news and projects to increase awareness of the mission, projects and

initiatives; to engage stakeholders in various aspects of the redevelopment process; and to

encourage an ongoing dialogue about redevelopment and economic development in the CRA

area to increase transparency. The selected Proposer will be charge with managing the

overall social media marketing strategies associated with the accounts, including devising

and implementing a posting calendar, growing followers, and analyzing insights. The

selected Proposer will provide monthly insight reports to summarize posting activity,

impressions, audience engagement, and any applicable trends. The following social media

accounts will provide examples of desired content:

CRA Facebook

CRA Instagram

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Due Date:  NOVEMBER 16, 2021 NO LATER THAN 11:00 A.M.



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