Marketing RFP Issued By City of Dayton, Ohio

The City of Dayton OH’s Human Relations Council (HRC) seeks the services of a Marketing firm to develop a mobile app, which will allow the Dayton residents to access the services offered by the HRC. In addition to developing a mobile app, the marketing firm will also assist HRC with the follow activities: 

· Providing outreach and education activities in multiple media platforms

· Expanding and enhancing on-line platforms utilizing up-to-date technology

· Developing a free interactive phone app to launch a Fair Housing advertisement campaign in current popular phone apps

· Developing an informative we-based video on-demand promoting Fair Housing resources

The purpose of this Invitation For Bid (IFB) is to receive bids for marketing services, which will provide Dayton residents with a greater understanding of the HRC, improve the organization’s brand recognition and the public’s knowledge of services offered to the Dayton community. More globally, we are seeking the services of a marketing firm to create a campaign to fully integrate the HRC’s brand, “Many People. Many Voices. One City.” These services shall improve organization’s social media to enhance the HRC’s digital presence and create a digital campaign, manage social media platforms such as social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to communicate with the general public.


The purpose of the HRC is to defend and investigate reports of unlawful discrimination and expand the Dayton community’s awareness of the civil rights services HRC provides, which includes employment, fair housing, public accommodations, and credit transactions.

Scope of Work:

The marketing services will allow information to be assimilated via mobile telephones. Development and launching of mobile app shall be completed no later than March 31, 2021. Most importantly by placing ads on popular and frequently used apps will steer new users to HRC’s platforms and increase the amount of reported Fair Housing/COVID-19 complainants. The phone app shall be designed to allow the user to connect with HRC’s office, file Fair Housing complaints, and view On-Demand Fair Housing Resource Videos. Bidders shall be responsible for: 

· Developing a free interactive phone app that will enable residents to file complaints. HRC will work with a skilled web developer to launch a free interactive app in both the Google Play store and Apple App store. This app shall allow the Senior Civil Rights investigator to connect with underserved populations who have limited access to high-speed internet and household computers.

· Launch a Fair Housing advertisement campaign, featuring informative on-demand web-based video promoting Fair Housing resources, on current popular phone apps. In addition to launching the Fair Housing resource phone app, HRC’s staff shall also have the capability to be able to advertise other HRC initiatives related to diversity, inclusion, and equity, on current popular apps, which will provide access to wider audiences at lower costs. Bidder shall also have the capability to support all products and services covering any and all issues that may arise for a minimum of one (1) 12-month period. TRAVEL EXPENSES: Travel expenses will be reimbursed for the exact amount that was expended. All original receipts shall be submitted to the City for any and all reimbursement requests. The following are considered ineligible Hotel/Lodging expenses:

· Personal items such as in-room movies, mini bar charges or other services not related to business necessity

· Any room rates or associated costs related to guests other than the traveler The amount of the mileage to be reimbursed is calculated based on the IRS Federal Mileage rate from the Traveler’s work location to the travel destination and back. INFORMATION AND QUESTIONS: All communications/questions concerning this IFB must be submitted in writing. Written responses will be prepared by the City. Changes to this IFB will be made only by formal written correspondence issued by the City. Written questions may be sent via email to Please include this IFB number in the Subject line of emails. Bidders shall not communicate with anyone from the City of Dayton regarding this IFB except as specifically provided within the documents, from the time of release of the solicitation until an award has been made. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Due Date:

3:30 P.M. local (Dayton OH) time on October 22, 2020


Donita Jo Garner, CPPB Room 514, CITY HALL Melissa A. Wilson, CPPB 101 W. Third St. Purchasing Agent Dayton OH 45402 Phone No. 937-333-4035 Fax No. 937-234-1600

Agencies to consider include Magrino PR and Kaplow PR Communications.

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