Marketing RFP Issued By County of Riverside Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Workforce Solutions

Recently, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors created the Housing, Homelessness Prevention, and Workforce Solutions (HHPWS) agency, to combat poverty in Riverside County. This new agency is made up of several existing agencies that were previously under other ‘umbrella’ organizations. One such agency is Workforce Development (WD), formerly under the Economic Development Agency (EDA). The Riverside County Workforce Development Board (WDB) provides oversight for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs in Riverside County. The Workforce Development Division (WD), under the County of Riverside’s Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Workforce Solutions (HHPWS) has been granted authority by the State of California to administer Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs for the Local Riverside County Area comprised of: Four comprehensive America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC) One-Stops; Riverside (Western County), Moreno Valley (Western County), Hemet (Mid-County) and Indio (East County) and one affiliate location in Blythe (East County). In addition, there are Specialized Youth Opportunity Centers in Jurupa Valley aka Rubidoux (Western County), Moreno Valley (Western County), Lake Elsinore (Mid-County), Hemet (Mid-County) and Coachella Valley (East County) and one Access Point for youth in Perris (Mid-County). The Workforce Development Division (WD) is a public agency under the County of Riverside’s Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Workforce Solutions Department. The organization’s funding is 100% federal through the Department of Labor under the provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Funding is determined by an allocation formula based upon current unemployment in the state and local area and the number of atrisk youths. The Riverside County Workforce Development Board (WDB) provides oversight for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs in the County. WD, through and on behalf of the WDB, provides the fiscal and operations oversight of WIOA funds. The WDB acts as a catalyst to provide seamless services among various workforce programs and provides community leadership around workforce issues. The WDB’s mission is to provide leadership to the workforce development system in Riverside County by supporting businesses and job seekers; labor, and education to focus on community workforce issues; understanding current labor market and economic trends; bringing together systems to solve common problems, or broker new relationships with businesses and workers; advocating for the importance of workforce policy, providing perspective about the need for skilled workers and enhancing the region’s ability to meet the workforce needs of local employers. Workforce Development accomplishes its mission through America’s Job Centers of California, better known as the Riverside County Workforce Development Centers (WDCs). The WDCs are the hub of the county-wide service delivery for workforce, education, and business services.

Scope of Work:

To provide Riverside County’s Workforce Development Division (WD) with quality branded content for marketing purposes, overall marketing expertise and to assist WD in achieving its business marketing goals. This will be a collaborative effort between the successful Respondent and the team at Riverside County’s Workforce Development Division (WD), Riverside County Information Technology (RCIT) and possibly with other County departments, developing a strategic one (1) year comprehensive county-wide marketing and communications strategy targeting improved economic development and growth in Riverside County, providing and helping to implement marketing communication recommendations, developing and promoting workforce solutions for workers and employers throughout the County. The majority of the work will take place offsite at the Respondent’s location of their choosing, however, the successful Respondent’s staff may be needed to assist with events and job fairs within Riverside County from time to time. Typically, these will be held within the cities of Riverside and Indio, although that is not always the case and the Respondent should take travel time to and from any location within Riverside County into account when quoting the Price portion of this RFP. The successful Respondent should be able to provide the following critical marketing services at the time of RFP submission, including, but not be limited to:

a. public relations expertise, including branding development;

b. videography including production and editing as well as the use of drone video recording;

c. still photography and editing, including drone photography;

d. graphic design; 

e. mobile and desktop application (app) development; 

f. email marketing; 

g. social media campaign management and social media strategy;

h. search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, pay-per-click marketing;

i. podcast recording, production, and editing; 

j. business strategy consulting; 

k. research and data analysis; 

l. copywriting; 

m. customer relationship management that positions Riverside County WD to target audiences in alignment with findings and recommendations; and

n. ability to provide ongoing marketing, communications, and outreach consulting services to WD to help support workforce development and enhanced growth for up to one (1) year.

Due Date:

March 2


Offered Via the Procurement Division Housing Authority of the County of Riverside 5555 Arlington Avenue Riverside, CA 92504

Agencies to consider include Rubenstein PR and Finn Partners.

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