Due Date: Thursday, October 29, 2023 2:00pm

1.1. Summary

Mesa Public Schools is seeking proposals from qualified and innovative marketing firms to develop and execute a comprehensive, sustainable marketing campaign that focuses on both (1) increasing student retention and enrollment and (2) enhancing workforce retention and recruitment within our diverse and vibrant community.

7.1. Purpose

Mesa Public Schools (MPS) is seeking proposals from qualified and innovative marketing firms to develop and execute a comprehensive, sustainable marketing campaign with two primary focal points:

A. Student retention and enrollment

B. Workforce retention and recruitment

The District is looking for a specific emphasis on the development and application of a strong visual identity, the implementation of a multi-channel approach, and the integration of consistent communication strategies for both internal and external stakeholders. MPS is excited to collaborate with a visionary partner who can help us achieve our goals, make a positive impact in our Mesa Public Schools community, and help us to sell our “product”: education.

Offerors are encouraged to submit a comprehensive proposal (through the Vendor Questionnaire) that outlines your vision, strategy and approach to meeting our campaign goals. Your proposal (answers to Questionnaire) should demonstrate an understanding of Mesa Public Schools (community, initiatives, programs, etc.) and a passion for creating impactful marketing campaigns that drive results.

7.2. Items of Importance

The following items are important to Mesa Public Schools and should be considered when developing your plan and proposal:

Sustainability of the campaign. The District intends to continue and enhance this marketing campaign in-house after the contract ends and is looking for Offers with a sustainability plan.

Sharing the District’s “why” – vision, mission, strategic goals, MPS Portrait of a Graduate. The District’s “why” should be part of the District’s branding.

Please refer to this District webpage for this information:

Collaboration with the District.

Promotion of our academic programs, athletics programs, and performing arts programs.

Proactive recruitment for the future (for both students and employees), not simply recruitment for today.  Storytelling. The District employs some educators/staff whose incredible stories would help promote MPS, and conversely there are MPS graduates doing incredible work in the world.

Branding – the District as a whole, but also branding schools. The District has six high schools that are the pillars of MPS.

Understanding of the District’s resources. As a public school district, fiscal resources are limited; however MPS does have an in-house print shop, a recruitment team, and a Communications & Engagement department that can all be used as resources in collaboration with this project.

Mesa Public Schools is the largest public school district in Arizona and the District prides itself on serving as an example and benchmark to other districts.

Consideration of first impressions of our school facilities.

Use of current, research-based marketing strategies.

Extending our reach for potential students and staff.

Collaboration with Mesa Youth Creative Agency (MYCA)

Refer to the MYCA website for more information:

7.3. Timeline

The intent of the District is to award a contract beginning upon award and ending August 31, 2024. The District anticipates awarding this contract at the end of November/early December. Due to the shortened contract term, sustainability is a key component of this marketing campaign. The District must be able to continue this marketing plan after the contract concludes.

On the vendor questionnaire #11.1, Offerors shall submit an incremental implementation timeline of their proposed marketing strategy and campaign with consideration of the contract’s end date.

7.4. Scope of Work

The ideal Offeror shall perform the following duties. Offerors will have an opportunity to address each their plan for each point on the Vendor Questionnaire.

Market Research

Offeror shall conduct thorough research to understand the demographics, preferences, and trends within the urban community, both among potential students and potential workforce candidates, while considering the perspectives of internal and external stakeholders.

Strategy Development

Offeror shall create a holistic marketing strategy that outlines the messaging, branding, and channels to be used in the campaign. The strategy should align with the District’s values and goals and should ensure consistent communication with both internal and external stakeholders. 

Visual Identity

Offeror shall develop a cohesive visual identity for the campaign that reflects the District’s brand and resonates with the target audience, while also being inclusive of the perspectives of all stakeholders, both within and outside the District. 

Multi-Channel Approach

Offeror shall implement a multi-channel approach that utilizes various platforms and communication channels to maximize the campaign’s reach and impact, ensuring that consistent messaging is maintained across all communication touchpoints.

Enrollment Promotion

Offeror shall develop engaging content, compelling messaging, and storytelling elements to promote student enrollment while fostering a sense of belonging among internal and external stakeholders.

Offeror shall highlight the benefits of the District’s educational programs, extracurricular activities, and supportive learning environment.

Workforce Recruitment

Offeror shall devise strategies to attract and recruit high-quality teachers, administrators, and support staff to the District.

Offeror shall craft compelling messages and stories that showcase the District’s commitment to its educators and employees.

Internal Stakeholder Communication

Offeror shall establish a consistent communication plan for engaging with internal stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, support staff, and current students. This plan should provide updates to internal stakeholders on campaign progress, highlight their contributions, and encourage their involvement in promoting the District’s initiatives.

External Stakeholder Communication

Offeror shall develop a communication plan that reaches out to parents, potential students, community members, local businesses and organizations, and prospective employees. This plan should keep external stakeholders informed about the campaign’s progress, the District’s achievements, and opportunities to get involved.

Digital Marketing

Offeror shall leverage various digital platforms such as social media, websites, and online advertising to reach the target audience effectively.

Offeror should use digital marketing tools including search engine optimization and geofencing to help promote the District.

Offeror shall develop marketing collateral (content and messaging) that resonates with both internal and external stakeholders, fostering a sense of unity and engagement.

Social Media Strategy

Offeror shall develop content that speaks to both internal and external stakeholders, emphasizing their shared connection to the District’s mission.

Offeror shall use social media to celebrate achievements and milestones within the District’s community, both among students and staff.

Website Optimization

Offeror shall develop a plan to feature stories on the District’s website that showcase the collaborative efforts of educators, students, and staff to create an inclusive and enriching learning environment.

Offeror shall develop a plan to maintain a dedicated section on the District’s website for updates and engagement opportunities, keeping all stakeholders informed and involved.

Traditional Marketing

Offeror shall utilize traditional marketing methods such as print materials, billboards, marquees, and community events to increase campaign visibility and engagement.

Offeror should ensure that the visual identity, storytelling, and compelling messaging resonate with both internal and external stakeholders.

Metrics and Reporting

Offeror shall establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of the campaign across different channels and stakeholder segments.

Offeror shall provide regular progress reports and adjust strategies based on data insights.

Offeror shall develop metrics and reporting mechanisms for the District to use internally after contract completion.

Sustainability Plan: In addition to developing and executing the marketing campaign, Mesa Public Schools is committed to ensuring its sustained impact beyond the marketing firm’s involvement.

Offeror shall provide a sustainability plan that outlines strategies for the District to carry on and build upon the campaign’s success.

Offeror shall include metrics and reporting mechanisms for the District to use internally to measure campaign success after the contract ends.

Collaboration with MYCA 

Offeror shall work with the District’s Mesa Youth Creative Agency (MYCA) on at least one of the marketing campaign projects. This shall include the Offeror providing a minimum of two hours of training and coaching to the MYCA youth (high schoolers employed by MYCA) on marketing-related topics as agreed upon between the awarded Offeror and the MYCA administrator.

Offeror shall hire MYCA to complete one project specific to the marketing campaign.

Please refer to the MYCA website for more information:

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