Marketing RFP Issued By Municipal Water Utility

The RM of Sherwood encompasses the City of Regina and is home of many agriculture and resource-based industries. The Sherwood Industrial Park (SIP) within the RM generates approximately 75% of all revenue received by the RM’s municipal tax revenue. The SIP is home to many large- and small-scale businesses and is anchored by Evraz Steel Plant. The RM of Sherwood has constructed a long-term stable water supply to service growth in its northern industrial area to facilitate growth.

The RFP seeks a Marketing and Consulting firm to develop a communication strategy and marketing material to be provided to the current and future owners of land in the Sherwood Industrial Park. The strategy and marketing material would intend to focus less on regulatory enforcement; and encourage participation with those eligible to connect to the communal water system.


Previously businesses operating with in the Sherwood Industrial Park received potable water from a connection to the City of Regina, however this service had limited water allocation that did not provide benefit to future growth opportunities. Starting in the summer of 2017 the RM of Sherwood constructed a $21M Water Treatment Plant and Distribution system to service the Sherwood Industrial Park. The Water Treatment Plant and distribution system now has the ability to service all of the existing users on the western and eastern portion of the park, out to Fleet street where it services an additional 46-lot subdivision. Approximately 13kms of distribution lines were placed which are supplied by a highly efficient water treatment plant that has full firefighting capacity, and six days of water storage for current average water usage.

The financial model of the water utility leans on existing ratepayers in Sherwood Industrial Park. The RM’s Bylaw 17/17 requires all properties where available to connect to the water system. The RM desires to market the utility encouraging compliance (Bylaw 17/17) with those existing eligible water customers requesting compliance to connect to the Municipal water supply, and utilize this marketing strategy to inform future developers considering to locate in the RM of Sherwood – Industrial Park

Scope of Work:

The RM is seeking a firm that can be customer centric, can create marketing material that is custom made and personalized and includes the ability to monitor and measure the success of its strategy.

The RM desires the marketing strategy and material to be fully developed within one month of an award to the successful bidder of this RFP.

The proposal should include as an option the cost of printing the marketing material. The RM will later determine its ultimate source of printing material.

2.3 RFP Process and Submission Requirements 

Questions, Request for Clarification and Changes All inquiries relating to this RFP should be directed a minimum of three days prior to the closing of this RFP electronically (via email) to: Pam Malach, Chief Administrative Officer Email: Confidentiality Proponents are expected to keep confidential all documents, data, information and other materials of the RM that are provided to or obtained or accessed by a Proponent in relation to this RFP.

3. Timelines 

The Closing Time of this RFP is 4:00pm CST September 1st, 2020; two weeks following the date of the release of this RFP. Proposals should be received at the following address or email before Closing Time: Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 4400 Campbell St Regina, SK PO Box 40029 Grasslands PO S4W 0L3 Attention Pam Malach, CAO Late submissions will not be accepted. Any late submission will receive notification that their submission has not met the required timelines and therefor has been disqualified. 

Due Date:

4:00pm CST September 1st, 2020


Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 4400 Campbell St Regina, SK PO Box 40029 Grasslands PO S4W 0L3 Attention Pam Malach, CAO

Relevant agencies to consider include Ruder Finn and RF Binder.

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