Marketing RFP Issued By Scott County

This Request for Proposal (RFP) solicits proposals from qualified firms for professional services for the development of an Opportunity Zone marketing prospectus. The prospectus is to be supported by associated marketing materials etc. to create a “pitch deck” for the Lonesome Pine Regional Industrial Facilities Authority region for five of its federally designated Opportunity Zones. The “pitch deck” and associated materials will be used to market the 5 specific zones and to target business and industry investors that are favorable and compatible to each of those zones based on evaluation and review of each opportunity zone by the firm.

Scope of Work:

The contractor will work with the member localities of the LPRIFA to:

· Research, familiarize, inventory, and compile data and information on five Opportunity Zones sites within the LPRIFA region.

· Coordinate and work with the LPRIFA member localities through an initial stakeholder meeting and relevant follow-up communications.

· Develop and create a marketing prospectus focusing on five specific opportunity zones within the LPRIFA region.

· Research and identify specific and potential business and industry investment opportunities and develop a replicable process to focus recruitment efforts towards these target investors.

· Develop a “pitch deck” using information gathered from research, stakeholder meetings, and review/inventory of specific Opportunity Zones within the LPRIFA region to use in targeting niche business and industrial potential investors that tailors their strengths and interests to the zones. These materials may include but not limited to print, digital, web, and social media venues. The promotion and marketing program should be designed to be used as a resource by LPRIFA members and the general public. 

· Conduct a formal presentation of findings and materials to the LPRIFA board on the completed package.

All final deliverables will be presented in a written report (including digital copy) supplemented by a management team presentation at project completion. All work papers, work products and tangible deliverables will be the property of the Lonesome Pine Regional Industrial Facilities Authority/Scott County and any applicable funding/regulatory agency as directed.

Due Date:

November 28


Craig Seaver Project Coordinator Lonesome Pine Regional Industrial Facilities Authority 372 Technology Trail Lane Suite 101 Duffield, Virginia 24244 276-431-2206

M Booth PR and Magrino PR are agencies to consider.

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