Marketing RFP Issued By Snowmass Colorado Tourism

Snowmass Tourism seeks a well-qualified, full-service advertising agency to provide comprehensive brand strategy/logo design, campaign development, and integrated advertising and destination marketing services, to build brand awareness and drive destination visitation to Snowmass Village, Colorado.


Snowmass Tourism (ST), a department of the Town of Snowmass Village (TOSV), is a non-profit government agency dedicated to the promotion of Snowmass Village, Colorado as a multi-season tourist destination. The selected agency will demonstrate a deep understanding and strategic perspective on how to motivate travelers to choose Snowmass over key competitors.

The mission of Snowmass Tourism (ST) is to support the economy of the Town of Snowmass Village, Colorado (TOSV) through activities, events and programs that attract visitors and the associated spending. Snowmass Village has a strong and unique value proposition for its visitors. With strong funding, Snowmass Tourism is well positioned to increase the competitiveness of its marketing, group sales, guest service and event initiatives. The current aspiration statement captures the overarching vision for the Town of Snowmass Village: “Snowmass Village aspires to be the leading multi-season, family-oriented, inclusive mountain resort community. We will do this by creating, marketing and delivering distinctive choices for fun, excitement, challenge, learning and togetherness. All this is done amidst our unique, natural splendor … as part of a memorable Aspen Snowmass experience. Further, we wish to be seen as welcoming, dynamic, convenient and successful. We will always be responsible stewards of our environment, economy and society. When successful, Snowmass Village will have achieved the quality of life and economic vitality that will assure our future as a sustainable resort community.”

Scope of Work

When agency is selected, the scope of work will include the following:

1. Brand Strategy and Rebranding: spearhead strategic analysis of the Snowmass brand and its

opportunities, and provide Snowmass Tourism with a new logo, brand platform and voice.

Launch around March 1, 2022.

In the strategic planning process, consider industry research, competitive analysis, social listening,

stakeholder input, etc. Final deliverables will include a style guide that can be shared with

Snowmass stakeholders, and a brand brochure concept/design.

Budget for Brand Strategy and Rebranding to be determined. Estimate must be included in


2. Advertising Campaign and Media Planning: develop an overarching ad campaign that can be

applied to both summer and winter messages. Create a strategic media plan to include both

traditional and new media elements, including traditional advertising, digital marketing,

and paid search. Launch summer campaign around April 1, 2022 and winter campaign

around August 15, 2022. 

In campaign development, consider creative concepts that can apply to both winter and summer

messages/products, and can run/evolve over a 2-3 year period. Messages must be developed that

apply to the groups market.

Fees must include all production required to implement campaign concepts (photography, video

production, etc). Snowmass Tourism currently has a comprehensive library of destination photos

and b-roll that may be used. Please email Hannah Green at hgreen@gosnowmass.comto gain

access to the photo and video libraries.

Media Planning includes production, trafficking and distribution. Markets include prioritized

domestic fly and drive markets in current marketing strategy above, unless otherwise determined

and approved with ST.

Ad channels may include, but are not limited to print, television, out of home, digital display, online

video, digital native content, mobile, paid search, paid social, programmatic, strategic marketing

partnerships, and experiential marketing. Consider endemic relationships, added-value and

advertorial opportunities. A portion of the media spend must be dedicated to the groups market

and have creative that specifically speaks to that audience.

Please address paid search specifically. If agency does not have proficiency in paid search, we can

consider removing that from the scope and budget.

Website development, public relations, local marketing, collateral production, and day-to-day social

media management are NOT within the scope of this contract.

3. Agency Services: act as an ongoing partner to Snowmass Tourism, providing ongoing

account support, campaign stewardship, competitive intelligence, campaign evolution and

thought leadership.

Consider analytics and ROI, attribution reporting, ongoing analysis and optimization, testing,

industry insights and trends, and tools/resources that would contribute to informed decision


Contract budget, inclusive of items #2 and #3 above, totals $1.3M annually, and must include all

agency fees, all creative/production costs, all media including paid search, all ongoing agency

services, all research, planning and strategic work. Media spend is traditionally allocated

approximately 40-45% to summer, 55-60% to winter, with media and creative that support the

groups market.

Due Date: Friday, August 6, 2021, 5:00pm MST


Email to, or deliver to

Virginia McNellis, Marketing Director

Snowmass Tourism

130 Kearns Road

Snowmass Village, CO 81615

Strong relevant pr agencies to consider are Zeno Group and Magrino PR.

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