Marketing RFP Issued By State of South Carolina

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State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education (SBTCE), division of Apprenticeship Carolina™ (AC) System seeks a reputable and qualified marketing agency partner to develop and execute an innovative, dynamic and authentic marketing strategy for engaging and raising brand awareness and understanding of registered apprenticeship programs among South Carolina’s Hispanic community. This initiative should be research-based and designed to aid in raising the visibility of registered apprenticeship programs as a viable workforce development tool among prospective business partners and apprentices. Apprenticeship Carolina seeks a partner with demonstrated success three (3) years of relevant experience with successful branding and marketing efforts in the Hispanic/Latino community.


The State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education, division of Apprenticeship Carolina is a statewide program that works to increase awareness and use of registered apprenticeships in the state. It was designed to ensure all employers in South Carolina have access to the information and technical assistance they need to create demand-driven registered apprenticeship programs. AC has broadened beyond the scope of construction, electrician and plumber and now includes industry sectors such as healthcare, information technology, tourism, advanced manufacturing and service industries. Because of its innovative approach and fast growth, AC is held as a model for the nation in developing a wide variety of programs and services designed to enhance the skill level of our state’s workforce. AC is the official liaison for registering programs with United States Department of Labor (US DOL).


SBTCE is seeking a marketing firm who will function as an extension of the SC Technical College System’s Communications Team. The marketing firm will provide marketing services in separate or possibly complementary/combined campaigns for engaging and raising brand awareness and understanding of registered apprenticeship programs among South Carolina’s Hispanic community.

A. The SC Technical College System seeks a marketing firm with the ability to provide a broad range of marketing services,

including, but not limited to:

1. Research and strategic planning

2. Account Services

3. Media planning, evaluation, negotiation and purchasing

4. Ad trafficking across all types of media

5. Creative and production services for traditional and digital mediums and emerging mediums

6. Interactive media

7. Digital marketing

8. Search Engine Optimization

9. Search Engine Marketing

10. Collateral (brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, magnets, banners, etc.)

11. Web development and maintenance

12. Web tracking/reporting

13. Mobile application development and maintenance

14. Mobile tracking and reporting

15. Public Relations Services

16. Social media, analytics tracking and reporting

17. Social media advertising

18. Photography services and video production

19. Measurement/Tracking and Reporting

20. Subcontracting for goods and services as necessary to execute System’s marketing programs

21. Accounting, billing, invoice reconciliation

22. Other marketing services as identified

Contractor’s Responsibilities:

1. Conduct marketing research to gauge changes in market conditions as well as current perception and awareness levels of registered apprenticeship among the Hispanic/Latino community.

2. Develop a communications concept, plan and budget for a comprehensive marketing, awareness/education strategy to the Hispanic/Latino community based on research and goals for Apprenticeship Carolina in consultation with the System’s Communications Division.

3. Conduct a series of focus groups to text messaging and concepts among members of South Carolina’s Hispanic/Latino community.

4. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to educate South Carolina’s Hispanic/Latino community about the benefits of registered apprenticeship as a proven workforce development tool.

5. Determine specific measurements that will be tracked for the campaign as well as the overall effectiveness and return on investment the marketing strategy will provide. Provide advanced analytics tracking, reporting and ROI analysis.

6. Ensure the marketing strategy uses the most effective type of communication for desired message including but not limited to traditional, nontraditional and digital advertising, digital media (such as websites, mobile sites, mobile applications and other emerging digitally-based strategies), public relations, social media, special events and other to-be-identified proven and/or emerging marketing strategies. (NOTE: Apprenticeship Carolina operates on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, and all planning and spending will coincide with the fiscal year cycle.)

7. Modify plans as a result of budget changes or at the request of Apprenticeship Carolina.

8. Provide monthly budget updates and maintain overall strategy/plan budget. No budget shall be exceeded without prior written approval by stakeholders.

9. Deliver creative design for outdoor boards, television commercials, print media advertisement, radio scripts, viral and social media programming, and other design features that provide maximum impact and return on investment.

10. Negotiate, plan and traffic media that provide maximum exposure, impact and return on investment.

11. Evaluate, hire and administer subcontractors, as needed, including, but not limited to, production companies; software and social media firms; billboard firms; market research firms; digital media specialists; videographers; actors/extras; photographers; graphic designers; and media buying services.

12. Maintain timelines and deadlines, while keeping all appropriate staff informed of project status.

13. Maintain open communication to include but not limited to scheduled meetings and/or conference calls with designated stakeholders from the System

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