Marketing RFP Issued By The University of Arizona

The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), on behalf of the University of Arizona, is soliciting proposals from interested vendors to furnish the University with assist in new student inquiry targeting and a management program. This program is an attempt to personalize the recruitment process as we seek to implement an inquiry cultivation, qualification and marketing program and use institutional resources more wisely by focusing recruitment efforts on students who are most likely to enroll and be successful at the University of Arizona.

The intended coverage of this RFP and any Agreement resulting from this solicitation shall be for the use of all Departments at the University of Arizona. The other State Universities, Arizona State University (ASU) and Northern Arizona University (NAU), along with Pima Community College (PCC) and any other educational institution or Governmental entity may access an Agreement resulting from this solicitation issued and administered by the University of Arizona


University Purpose and Core Values. The University of Arizona’s purpose is working together to expand human potential, explore new horizons and enrich life for all. To fulfill this purpose, the University has adopted Core Values that apply to all faculty, staff, and students, as well as to those doing business with the University. The Core Values are central to the culture of the University, and Vendors are encouraged to review and uphold the following:

• Integrity – Be honest respectful and just 

• Compassion – Choose to Care 

• Exploration – Be insatiably curious 

• Adaptation – Stay open-minded and eager for what’s next 

• Inclusion – Harness the power of diversity 

• Determination – Bear Down 

For additional information regarding the University’s Purpose and Core Values, please visit

Scope of Work:


In an effort to personalize and maximize the recruitment process, the University of Arizona solicits proposals from experienced, qualified and well-established organizations. The University seeks to implement an inquiry acquisition, cultivation and qualification program utilizing a multichannel (email, direct mail, phone calls, social media/digital, etc.) approach to recruitment. This program will gauge a student’s interest level and attitude towards UArizona, as well as provide consultative services in enrollment management and marketing to help the University understand factors in each student’s decision-making process and maximize the use of recruiter time and institutional resources.


5.1.1 Program overview and scope, including: An ongoing acquisition and cultivation strategy that utilizes survey response to continue to engage interested UArizona inquirers. Campaign tracking ability by both staff members and management team. Acquisition and Inquiry Process: Please provide an overview that explains your company’s best practices in student record licensing and acquisition. How do your practices ensure a greater number of inquiries and enrollees? Experience with large quantities of student records and/or large public universities should be highlighted A general description of your business, including the number of years your company has been in business, area of expertise, history, and reference information for clients you have served, relevant to the contract proposed. Your company program fee structure. 

Due Date:

December 18


The University of Arizona Procurement and Contracting Services PO Box 210300 Tucson, Arizona 85721 Attn: Celeste Kanzig

Relevant agencies to consider for this assignment include Alison Brod PR and Shift Communications.

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