Marketing RFP Issued By University of Rhode Island

The URI Board of Trustees/University of Rhode Island is soliciting proposals for an international student marketing/matching platform from qualified OFFERORS.


The University of Rhode Island’s Office of Admission (international division) is accepting proposals from international student marketing platform to assist us with our digital recruitment efforts. The benefits of working with such a service are many. Virtual recruitment reduces the need for travel, reduces marketing costs, reduces one’s carbon footprint and reduces the need to spend time handling engagement with students who are not truly interested in attending the university. The ideal platform will place the student at the center of the college-choice journey and will engage students from around the world. URI is keen for its partner to demonstrate that their service is equipped with functionality that will allow the University to contact and communicate directly with only those students that fit the university’s profile, meet admission and funding requirements, and who are interested in URI’s undergraduate/graduate programs. Since, our office houses two-full time staff members with many existing responsibilities, the ideal platform will take the lead on writing/producing the marking and communication content that will be uploaded to the platform.

Scope of Work:

The University of Rhode Island seeks to partner with an online marketing company that will assist

with international student recruitment by expanding URI’s brand abroad. The potential partner should

create and manage a profile page with graphics and other embedded features that appeal to the most

current generation of students while providing them with pertinent information about URI’s location,

faculty, programs, etc. The platform should be easy for students and URI staff to use and include

functionality that allows students to directly engage with URI’s international admission staff.

The level of engagement should be robust. To this end, URI does not wish to partner with a company

that only provides a spreadsheet/list of students who have clicked on URI’s profile.The proposed

partner must take an active role in the creation and management of URI’s platform profile thereby

allowing the international admission staff to concentrate on establishing meaningful connections with

prospective students. The ideal platform will target students from around the world who wish to study

in the US, are interested in a major offered at URI, who meet URI’s admission requirements and who

possess the funds necessary to pursue education abroad without merit/need based funding. Finally,

the sign-up costs assessed to the student for use of the platform should be competitively low.

Specific Activities / Tasks

1. The prospective vendor must have a wide international reach and demonstrated industry

knowledge and experience. Please provide a summary of your history and experience

including successful partnerships with similar institutions of higher education in the US.

2. Prospective vendor must possess demonstrated knowledge of US and international education

systems including transferability of credit, GPA concordance, education ladders, and

graduation requirements


Rev: 8/9/17

3. The proposal should fully describe the functionality of this online platform. Details

concerning the look and feel of the platform, access to the platform (from both the student and

staff log in) and ease of use should be thoroughly addressed. A demonstration may be


4. The prospective vendor must provide detailed metrics on the type of student who currently

uses the platform. This should include (but is not limited to) the following:

a. Student countries of origin/citizenship

b. Academic profiles

c. Program(s) of interest

d. Country/state of interest

e. Average GPA (if applicable), average language test scores, destination/programs

f. Average expected family contribution (EFC)

5. Prospective vendors should describe the level of personalized engagement experienced by

students as registered users.

6. The proposal should provide a timeline for implementation and detail the scope of work the

proposed partner expects of the international admission team.

7. The proposal should clearly articulate URI’s strengths and weaknesses and address how the

platform will help URI to strengthen its position in the higher education marketplace.

8. The proposed vendor should provide REALISTIC projections regarding inquiry, application

volume, and lead conversion rates.

9. The proposed vendor must confirm compliance with all regulations and laws relating to

educational privacy laws (e.g., GDPR).

10. The proposed vendor must outline how frequently a designated platform representative will

communicate with URI staff about the platform’s performance and overall reach.

11. The proposal should acknowledge the current challenges of international student recruitment

and provide specific strategies regarding how the platform will resolve/address these


Due Date: 9/23/2021 @ 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)



Agencies to consider for this assignment include Ketchum PR and Clarity pr.

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