Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Issues Advertising RFP

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Issues Advertising RFP
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Issues Advertising RFP

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is requesting proposals to sell advertising space and provide installation and maintenance services for its fleet of billboards and transit advertising assets.


The RMWB is home to over 110,000 people including 75,000 in its urban center of Fort McMurray. Sales of billboards and transit advertising assets are currently performed in-house. We are looking to outsources sales as well as installation and maintenance to a qualified proponent to reduce costs and maximize revenues.  The RMWB’s fleet of billboards includes 10 double-sided structures on Highway 63 leading into and out of Fort McMurray. The RMWB’s transit advertising assets include transit busses (80 in the fleet) and bus stops (409 in Fort McMurray).  Advertising assets can be reviewed at The billboard at Mariana Lake is not included in the scope of this RFP.  The billboards are physical structures; digital billboards are not being contemplated at this time.

Scope of Work:


The successful contractor will be responsible for:

                • Selling advertising space and customer service

                • Installing, maintaining and removing transit bus and transit shelter advertisements

                • Installing, maintaining and removing billboard advertisements

                • Providing creative solutions

                • providing printing solutions

                • proof of performance – ability to demonstrate to clients that their signage has been installed as per the agreement.

Desired Competencies

The successful contractor will possess the following demonstrated competencies:

                • Superior Customer service track record

                • Ability to sell space for national and local campaigns

                • Excellent communication in working with local transit operations and government organizations

                • Working knowledge of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

Due Date:

August 23, 2019


Relevant agencies include Rubenstein PR and Rubenstein Communications.

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