The County is seeking the services of a firm with marketing expertise especially as it relates to small businesses.


The Kanawha County Commission has developed a business assistance program for new and expanding businesses that are located in the Upper Kanawha Valley defined as everything east of Charleston from Marmet on the south side of the Kanawha River and from Malden on the north side, to Montgomery and Smithers. Known as the UKAN program, eligible individuals and businesses may receive up to $10,000 in forgivable loans. In addition to receiving loan funds, businesses may avail themselves of the services of a Business Coach. The Business Coach provides high quality coaching to entrepreneurs and business owners by analyzing situations and educating clients with regard to business plans, market feasibility and cash management. In addition to Business Coaching, individuals and businesses are eligible to receive technical assistance of a nature that will help move their business to the next level. To date 7 companies have been awarded a UKAN loan

Scope of Work:

Technical assistance can include:

·       Website design

·       Digital marketing support

·       Design of brand identity

·       Design of advertising and marketing materials

·       Development of a comprehensive marketing strategy

·       Assistance in identifying distributors and/or distribution networks

·       Other services as approved by the county

Due Date:

February 12, 2020


Kanawha County Commission 

Attn: Kim Mallory

PO Box 3627

Charleston, VW 25336

Strong agencies to consider include Finn Partners and Zeno Group.

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