Marketing RFP Issued For Tourism Ohio

In 2019 Ohio’s Tourism industry reached a record high as a $48 billion industry. In 2021 we have the opportunity to help Ohio’s tourism industry begin to recover to pre-pandemic levels. The state brand, Ohio. Find It Here. represents the success we see in Ohio. Our state parks had a record numbers of attendees in 2020 as people sought outdoor activities. The resurgence in downtown development in the large cities and on Main Streets in small towns. Locally sourced food in our restaurants. The revival of a strong Arts scene. Ohio’s hertage and cultural offerings that capture the unique character a visitor can only find in Ohio. Ohio is a great place to live work and play and we have the opportuintiy to re-energize Ohio to post pandemic levels. Most importantly, Ohio is a place to find unique experiences for visitors to share with their friends and family. Here in Ohio, people can make those personal and emotional connections that will serve as memories forever. Ohio is easily accessible, culturally diverse, and affordable for tourist visits. The diversity of tourist activities in Ohio is considered a competitive advantage. Primary target audience is adults, 25-54, with a female skew. Boomers and Millennials, as the largest population age segments in the United States, are primary targets.

The MBE Vendor will provide consistent project/status updates and participate in annual planning. There are usually two all-agency meetings in person each year. Vendor is required to provide ongoing communications including consistent status updates via phone or email. Conversations regarding specific creative executions and review and approval processes are cyclical, depending upon individual project deadlines. The MBE Vendor partner will also review research that is deployed and the results as available. Research and data should support project strategies


The Development Services Agency (hereinafter “DSA”) is seeking an experienced, state-certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) (hereinafter “Vendor”) company, located in Ohio, to provide written and multimedia content to support the mission and vision of TourismOhio. TourismOhio markets Ohio to visitors as a destination of choice that enriches lives through authentic travel experiences. TourismOhio is committed to aggressively positioning Ohio as a relevant travel destination and to support Ohio’s tourism industry to drive economic prosperity throughout the state. TourismOhio is looking to increase awareness of Ohio as a tourist destination among multicultural audiences. The successful partner will extend impressions of – and connection with – the brand Ohio. Find It Here. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that Ohio is relevant for all visitors – Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ – connecting with consumers of varying races and ethnicities, family situations, abilities, and sexual orientation is important to grow the tourism economy in Ohiol. The MBE Vendor should have a proven history and knowledge of Ohio and the ability to create content that captures and promotes authentic, compelling visitor experiences. The MBE Vendor must prove its understanding of the tone and voice Ohio. Find It Here. brand and build relationships and network with various audiences and Ohio destinations and destination marketing organizations to achieve DSA goals.

Scope of Work:

Components of the Project Include: 

The multicultural vendor will be responsible for developing strategic video and photo content that reflects the essence of the Ohio. Find It Here. brand, and supports campaign messaging. The content will be an endorsement of Ohio’s people, places and the experiences that visitors will experience and demonstrate the emotional connections visitors can share while experiencing Ohio with those they care about most.

· A minimum of five (5) high-quality, video projects capturing cultural diversity geographically distributed around the state, in the style of the Ohio. Find It Here. brand. Content will showcase for instance local eateries, accommodations, nightlife, festivals and events, neighborhoods (as well as small communities and towns), unique charms, historical attractions, sporting events, performing arts, parks and recreational activities, arts scene, boutique shopping and more. Surprise and exceed the expectations of potential visitors in the tone and style of the Ohio. Find It Here.


· Content must reflect a strong sense of place and strong emotional connections between people while experiencing Ohio

· The MBE Vendor will work with DSA to develop the concept, strategy, and messaging, as well as handle all aspects of photo/video production

· In collaboration with DSA, build and manage relationships to identify and gather information to develop strategic content focused on messaging objectives

· Responsible for researching, discovering, and identifying destinations and attractions to fulfill messaging objectives

· The MBE Vendor will be provided storyboards or shot lists and be expected to capture and produce culturally diverse still and live action according to storyboards/shot list

· The MBE Vendor will edit and produce original videos based on industry best practices and high-quality standards.

Culturally Diverse Photos and Videos 

The MBE Vendor will be responsible for helping TourismOhio continue to incorporate cultural diversity in its marketing. From broadcast commercials and videos to print, digital, and social media ads, TourismOhio’s advertising needs to reflect that Ohio welcomes all visitors. 

· The vendor will need to organize photo and video shoots and find talent or individuals to produce videos and photos that reflect diversity.

· The MBE Vendor will provide strategic input and feedback to guide concept and content development for relevancy and relatability across culturally diverse audience

Due Date:

March 19


Andy Shaw, Agency Procurement Officer Ohio Development Services Agency Budget & Finance Office (614) 466-5930

Relevant agencies to consider include Prosek Partners and Ketchum PR.

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