Marketing to tweens

Today’s tweens live in a media-rich environment, and are used to more types of media than ever before. They grow up with the internet, and can access information as fast and as easily as their curiosity demands. Nowadays, tweens are obsessive about sharing information on social media. They are as interested in discovering information as they are in sharing it. When it comes to tweens, there are two consumers to appeal to: the child and the parent. When marketing to tweens, the following must be considered.

1) Create engaging videos – Content marketing to tweens through YouTube videos is one of the best marketing strategies that a business can adopt. Videos should be engaging, and should refer to issues that are important to tweens. The videos should also be trendy and shareable. Tweens love short-form content, and platforms like TikTok were built for this. Prank, comedy, and skit videos are extremely popular with tweens.

2) The ‘cool’ factor – A business must have the coolest products in order to be popular among tweens. To attract the attention of tweens, it is important to understand the trends that have their attention. Trends can change quickly, however. It would also be wise to take a popular item and refine it to meet the needs of tweens. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram are popular among the tween audience. It would be wise to develop content for either of these apps.

3) Celebrate their uniqueness – Tweens prefer brands that celebrate their uniqueness and that adhere to the tween voice. A business should think of ways to customize products for tweens or sell products that allow them to express themselves. For instance, Justice, the clothing brand for tweens, built connections with tweens through their clothing line and fun accessories.

4) Use promotions – Discounts, giveaways, and contests are extremely attractive for tween consumers. Getting something for free is something that adds value to the entire purchase proposition. For instance, Pizza Hut used an interesting promotion that featured sweepstakes and free products that tweens were interested in . In  partnership with Sony, Pizza Hut created an instant win sweepstakes, along with a $500,000 Grand Prize. This resulted in a 4% sales growth.

5) Sampling – Tweens embrace sampling as a way to try out new products. Sampling opportunities abound today, albeit with restrictions due to the pandemic . There are programs of sampling at amusement parks, youth media, and local events. Sampling is a means to get the right message and product into the consumer’s hands at the right time. For instance, there could be morning sampling campaigns where tweens could be provided with breakfast bags as a promotional for cereals.

6) Support a cause –  According to research, tweens appreciate products that support a good cause. It would be useful for companies to tap into tween activism. In an age defined by challenges like racial injustice and a global pandemic, tweens utilize social media platforms to engage with their community and the world at large. Today’s tweens are aware of what is going on, and one of their biggest concerns is climate change.  Supporting causes that are meaningful to tweens is a good way for companies to attract their attention.

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