How to Spot a Sub-Standard Digital Marketer

How to Spot a Sub-Standard Digital Marketer

What makes a good digital marketer? It’s a question a lot of businesses are asking themselves, especially if they are signing pricey invoices for outsourced digital marketing help.

The world of digital marketing is not dissimilar to any other industry; there are some seriously passionate professionals and others who are riding down easy street for as long as they can. Here’s how to conduct a reality check.

  1. All Data, No Strategy

Data is a vital part of digital marketing, but it is important that it does not become noise in the moment without any guiding strategy or perspective. What makes a true professional is someone who is able to distill data into insights that are both valuable and actionable.

A bluffer, on the other hand, will only be able to tell you the “how,” without a good grasp of the “why” behind a digital marketing outcome.

Similarly, committing to hard metric outcomes is a rookie error. A marketing practitioner is rarely able to predict the exact outcome, and those assessing an agency or freelance hire should retain an appropriate level of skepticism.

  • Specialists, Not Generalists

The world of SEO has long been the stage of one-trick ponies, but the rise of integrated digital marketers is very real —  and much more promising.

Today’s brands should be seeking out practitioners who can cover a range of bases, rather than marketers who focus on one or two tricks and rely on loopholes. There is a difference between someone who relies on the search and a full-fledged strategist.

  • Talking With No Walking

This is a rule that rings true for any industry; anyone can claim to be an expert, but few are able to prove their skill. Consider, for example, a so-called writer who relies on ghostwriters, or a marketer who garners their opinion from pop blogs rather than primary research.

In the same way, practitioners with truly unique perspectives should be encouraged to stand up and be heard. Those on stage at conferences don’t have all the answers, and the industry is always looking for fresh ideas. Celebrate true excellence, and whittle out empty boasting.

  • Outdated Tactics Without Renewed Assessment

The voices of marketing gurus can be tempting for any digital professional, but be aware that not all experts are created equal.

There is more than one way to conduct a digital marketing strategy, and a professional who clings to the same strategy that worked a decade ago is no real professional. The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, and a true whiz will be seeking to change with it.

Moreover, the typical industry expert is usually a technician turned strategist who has reached a point in their career where it is more cost-effective to delegate work to a team. These types of experts can be great sources of ideas, but should never be treated as strategy prescription writers.

The world of digital marketing is filled with talented and hardworking professionals. Just be sure to work with the right ones!

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