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eNewsletters.travelEverything PR News tested and excellent email marketing tool today,, which was recently relaunched by Travel Media Applications. The service proved simple, slick, powerful, and effective for an initial test run. Further testing is needed for analytics and bugs, but it looks like TMA has a winner for travel marketing.

Travel Media Applications, the parent company of Travel Daily News Greece & Cyprus, Travel Daily News International,, and other companies, has built with over a decade of travel and tourism marketing know how behind it. Having adopted earlier mail applications all along the way, TMA now possesses a unique perspective and expertise in refining such a product. Bottom line, the utility and ease of is only logical. And perhaps best of all, eNewsletters rolls out pretty cheap as well.

As Good A Mousetrap As Any – And Cheaper

Theodore Koumelis, Founder of Travel Media Applications, hooked up with me on Facebook and suggested we try for our efforts out of Argophilia Travel News, a news source focused on Eastern Europe. We hopped on board the slick looking demo for a leisurely tour of what ends up being our default newsletter tool. I said it’s easy.

Well, the proof in the pudding here is it took me under 5 minutes to log into eNewsletter, figure out which one of a multitude of mail templates to pick, modify it to suit Argophilia, add images, and copy past or crete pertinent text. That included testing the look and links of the service sending to my business mail. sample mail

The top image you see is from our partners at Fotolia USA, I also mashed up Argophilia Travel News’ current Moridor story.

Great Until Further Notice

For me, the editor, templates, ease of use, and infallibility of such service seem key. We also use SendBlaster, and sometimes MailChimp for PR and consulting outreach and news, and primarily individual mails for media outreach (for pretty obvious reasons). SendBlaster does not really compare with eNewsletters as there is little or no analysis – it is basically a “sending” or broadcasting unit. As for Mail Chimp, their product is actually very nice, with some analysis and even mobile and social elements. MailChimp is however, a bit aggravating and circuitous nav wise – looking simple, but in the end being very complex.

eNewsletters template customized

eNewsletters template customized


eNewsletters was recently upgraded and now an integrated platform that includes all necessary functions to create, send, and automatically record all the results of a campaign (sending newsletter). Make no mistake, it is not yet MailChimp, nor does it possess the power of combinations of tools like Vocus and a true enterprise solution like Email Marketing Director from Arial Software. But then, charges virtually nothing compared to (send 20,000 mails for like €50 or less) budget subscriptions to many others.

Below are some of the main features/advantages for

  • Unlimited Listings – Unlimited Recipients
  • Form for recording addresses in your website
  • Registration Confirmation
  • Automatic identification of duplicates
  • Automatic filing returns (bounce emails)
  • A vast number of “quality” ready to use templates
  • The ability to  import content type word editor for easy editing (default is what we used)
  • Insert images, advanced formatting – HTML, preview options, great customization, programmable delivery + more
  • Multiple list sending, pause-resume, opened reports, opened links reports, and, and…
  • Login w/Google Analytics, auto-responder, triggers, surveys, polls, and various testing modes
Sample analytics from eNewsletters

Sample analytics from eNewsletters

Obviously, we did not have time to conduct a campaign so that new analytics charts could be shown, but data provided in the various literature, from Koumelis, eNewsletters’ current clients lists (including Amadeus, AFEA, ZITA Group, MyTravelCafe, and more), and the quality of all else suggest the tool is very refined indeed. As is the case with any marketing or PR tool, or tools in general on the Web, what customers want most is effectiveness and simplicity. certainly is all of that from what we have seen so far.

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