Legal Communicators: Marlen Kruzhkov , And Others..


Here is a list of quotes of great Legal Communicators of our time…

  • “Presenting clearly is key to legal success.”  Marlen Kruzhkov
  • “Ideally, lawyers should speak in a way that catches and holds the attention of the audience in a pleasing manner; the lawyer’s voice, appearance, and delivery should match and reinforce the content of his or her message.” Steven Wisotsky
  • “Although there are many different ways that lawyers earn their money, the ability to speak clearly and distinctly in a way that convinces people is an important part of their job.” Jim Anderson
  • “Lawyers need to speak well to give weight to their interpretations of the law and to ensure their views are understood for the benefit of clients.” Catherine Lovering
  • “A lawyer who is afraid to speak is like a vegan at a steakhouse—not only rare (no pun intended) but also a bit laughable.” Mary Ellen Sullivan
  • “Effective communication – whether it is with you, a client, or fellow attorneys – is an important cornerstone in the business of lawyering. It is vital that you look for an attorney who can speak confidently and professionally.” Marsha Hunter
  • “Failure of communication is also frequently cited as the cause of attorney disciplinary matters. Before any such worst-case scenario occurs, new and experienced attorneys alike need to face the reality: Communication is key to the attorney-client relationship.” Betty Adams
  • “As a lawyer, it’s critical that you know how to persuade a judge or tribunal, or speak to a group of clients, shareholders or conference participants.” Richard Brady
  •  “Lawyers are, on the whole, a well-spoken group and should be so: Their livelihood depends on words, written and spoken, and they speak far more than they write.” Steven Wisotsky
  •  “Public speaking – speaking to groups outside the litigation context – is an important part of many lawyers’ practice, yet involves skills largely neglected in legal education.” Samuel H. Pillsbury
  •  “Successful lawyers speak with confidence whether they’re in the courtroom, conference room, or coffee room.” Christine Clapp
  •  “Law students and lawyers are frequently expected to speak in public. It is a skill that law students are forced to develop early on in law school – whether they want to or not.” Ashley Heidemann
  • “Even on TV, lawyers speak so clearly.” Mark Birnbaum
  • “Understanding the law and the evidence they present is only part of their job; lawyers must also clearly articulate their interpretation to a decision maker such as a judge.” Catherine Lovering

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